Havoc in the Thornwood: Gaspy didn’t submit a title



brando1Well, I suppose I have no one to blame but myself… I have foolishly agreed to play against Cygnar’s very own Victoria Haley, not once, not twice, but *6 games* of pure misery. The reason for this masochism? Autojack and I decided that a true “Reckoning” was needed between the most loved/ hated casters in all of Warmachine. With all the said I will wield the Cryxian horde, and at its head will be none other than Deneghra.

The rules for this series of scraps is pretty simple: half the models played have to be unpainted at the time of writing this… That’s pretty much it. [Well, yes–20 points of specialists are available with each list, and the second and sixth games are with theme forces, the first two are the second incarnations and the last four are the third incarnations, and all models must be painted at time of play. *That’s* pretty much it. — Autojack] This is motivation to paint as much as it is about bragging rights as to which twin is the greater.

So what is my plan? Admittedly I don’t really have one other than to whoop Autojack like an unloved step-child of the red headed variety. To that end, I am looking to Nightmare and anything with massive threat ranges, to attempt to circumvent Haley’s feat. Autojack loves his combined arms. Accurate ranged weapons and competent melee troops will be the order of day, all under the support of some fearsome spells and a crushing feat. I will endeavour to deny as much shooting as possible, simply because cygnar shooting will grind my troops and jacks to dust in short order. Recursion, stealth and reach will pretty well be my sole defense until i can bring my forces to bear and line up an assassination. I have been looking at various builds, what works well and what i need to respect in Cygnar. To that end, I have decided on Bane Riders (not for any strategic reason but simply because I think they look cool dang it), Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders, my beloved Blood Witches, and my almost completely unused Bane Knights (again because they look cool). The Blood Witches and Blackbane’s will basically be distraction and harassment while my more combat oriented (read weapon masters and killer warjacks) move in for the kill.


Now the painful part for me is the painting component. I luckily have a horde of unpainted Cryx stuff, so the sky is literally the limit for me in terms of what I can actually field. The downside is that it has to be all painted, and frankly I paint slower than slug in molasses in January so this will be interesting.

I’d say wish me luck but Haley knows she is beaten already, hence why she had to go get two more versions of herself to help out!

The Great Gaspy