Nova Nomads’ Feat of Service 2015

FaultieAvatarHey folks, Faultie here.  I just wanted to drop in and give a shout-out to some awesome guys in the Warmachine and Hordes community–the Nova Nomads.


You know we here at Lost Hemisphere are big fans of WM/H-themed charity events, and it’s always great to highlight other members of the community that are out there organizing their own!  This year, the Nomads are hosting their second annual Feat of Service event at Huzzah Hobbies in Virginia (USA).  Feat of Service 2015 is a WM/H charity event to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, a program that works to raise awareness of, and assist, wounded veterans in our communities.

The Nomads have created a really interesting all-day event in Feat of Service, with a variety of different competitions and challenges for players and hobbyists alike.  This year Feat of Service will feature two organized play events: a 50pt Masters-style tournament and a 35pt Custom Caster event.  The Custom Caster event is not a tournament, but rather an open gaming event similar to PP’s book release events.  It is particularly interesting, as it draws on the Spell Draft format from Privateer Press, and combines it with Who’s the Boss to create a unique experience where you craft a model, customize a spell list and then battle it out on the tabletop.  This year, they’ve even added online drafting to the mix.  That’s not to say the Masters event isn’t great, as it carries prestige, prizes, and is an official event for the Brawltimore Circuit, a regional tournament series.

There are plenty of prizes to go around for attendees, too!  The winner of the Masters tournament will earn the Gameplay Champion trophy and a three day pass to Captain Con 2015!  The winner of the Custom Caster event will get the Hobby Champion trophy and a huge-based model of their choice courtesy of Lost Hemisphere!  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, players will form teams to raise money for WWP, and the team that raises the most money will get the Champion Team trophy!

You will likely see more of the trophies shortly, as they’re really going all out this year!  The trophies are custom-converted models donated by various Nomads, and I (Faultie) will be experimenting with golden Alclad to metal plate them.  Dave over at Hawk Wargames first explained the process to me at TempleCon, and I’ve gotten fairly proficient at it.  I’m excited to see how the trophies turn out, and will likely post an article and some photos here for folks to see.

There will also be raffle/door prize(s), and I believe some models available for auction.  Plus, every registered player will receive a custom Purple Heart feat token, courtesy of Muse on Minis!

FoS token Purple  20 percent
Pretty shnazzy!

So if you are in the area (or even a few hours drive away), and are free on May 30, I highly recommend coming out to get some great wargaming in with some great guys for a great cause.  If you can’t make it and would still like to donate, you can do so here!  As of the time of this post, the Nomads have raised nearly $1600!  Now that’s something worth sharing!