Battle in the Thornwood: Tiers, glorious Tiers! Gaspy muses on Round 2.


gaspyavatarDelicious tiers!

With our first game out of the way, the bikini contest is up next…. starring one, a gal with a mechanical arm, and two, an undead bisected seductress … lets just leave that alone and move on.

So the theme force portion of our reckoning is next up on the docket. Sadly, my theme force is kind of selected for me, mostly because I do not own Mind Slaver & Drudges, nor do I possess the time or extra funds to assemble and paint 2 more units just to run Body and Soul. despite how amazing that tier list is. [Dodged a bullet there.. — Autojack] So that leaves me with the much more down-to-earth theme force, Shadow Play. By comparison, the force is mighty thin. I can include non-character warjacks, Nightmare, Bane Knights and units with incorporeal (that would be precisely one character unit at the moment). It can include Warwitch Sirens, Skarlock Thralls and solos with incorporeal.

What do I get for for this very restrictive list? Well, tier 1 gives +2 SPD to my solos with incorporeal. Tier 2 gives me free machine wraiths for every unit after the second. (I won’t be able to take advantage of that one, sadly, due to the aforementioned lack of unit selection.) Tier 3 gives Deneghra’s battle group ghostly for the first turn, provided I bring Nightmare. And tier 4 gives me an extra 2″ to my deployment zone provided I have 3 or more jacks.


The first thing I noticed with this theme force is that there are no discounts and virtually no options. This means I have to run two of the most expensive units in the Cryxian stable if I want want to run any infantry. At 19 points for Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders and a unit of Bane Knights, I am looking at almost a point a model. This isn’t the kind of range your average Cryx player wants to be in when he knows the Cygnar gun line will shred him. So what are my other options? I can spam jacks and solos. Again, not ideal, but I can make a target-rich environment for Autojack. Cryx has some fantastic solos and I do get access to some of the best of them–namely Pistol Wraiths–and the best point-for-point non-character in the game: the Warwitch Sirens. The Sirens can lighten the focus load for Denny and the small swarm of jacks, allowing her to still be a threat with her spells and hopefully camp enough focus so that I don’t get  get deep-fried by electric cannons. The Pistol Wraiths will have to pull double-duty, taking out support solos and disabling the jacks and storm striders I know are coming my way.

Art by Dr Stein

For Deneghra’s jack selection, Nightmare is a given. Between prey, stealth and a plethora of Deneghra’s debuff spells, Nightmare can kill almost any target going. That said, Deneghra will require several arc nodes to keep the pressure up. To that end, I need ones that can run double-duty as well as they have to be able to lay out some serious hurt.  To that end, I am thinking Ripjaws simply due to an armor piercing special attack and the rarely used Vice Lock ability. Singeing someone’s DEF by an extra 2 and preventing movement just adds to the denial aspect Deneghra brings to the table. I really want a few more ranged options as Haley and her feat mean you may need to reach out and blow a guy away instead of running up to him and slicing and dicing.  My first instinct was to reach for some Nightwretches but the low range combined with the Trenchers I am sure to face meant the blasts were not going to be all that effective. To that end, I think a Defiler may fill the bill nicely.

To put that all together, I am looking at the following:

647c55236e57328e56208df5d1b642a2Wraith Witch Deneghra – (+6)

Skarlock Thrall – 2

Nightmare – 10

Ripjaw – 5

Ripjaw – 5

Defiler – 5

Pistol wraith – 3

Pistol wraith – 3

Warwitch siren – 2

Warwitch siren – 2

10x Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders – 9

10x Bane Knights – 10

I managed to get some guns in to the list, so hopefully between them and the incorporeal models, I will slow Autojack down some, but I think this is going to be one hell of an uphill battle!