Reckoning Release

Ladies and Gentlelost, it’s been a heck of a busy weekend, and to be honest, I’ve haven’t even  had enough time to do the regular adulting I need to get done every weekend, but you know what I *did* do? I played in the Reckoning release event at The Hobby Kingdom! A day of 50pt shenaniganry with 120mm objectives, with oh so pretty shiny coins on the line… Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know the end result of my day, but for the rest of you…

Lostie MortymerXT and I rocked in flying Lost Hemisphere colours, because that’s how we roll.

Game one was against Pal Steve, and I thought, not that Moros is a thing, I’d finally try Garryth’s Assassins theme force.

  • Garryth, Blade of Retribution
    • Moros
    • Chimera
    • Aspis
  • Nayl
  • Mage Hunter Assassins (5)
  • MHSF (10) + Soulless + Strike Force Commander
  • MHSF (10) + Soulless
  • MHSF (10) + Soulless

The Aspis’ primary role was to stop Steve’s Khador, under Sorscha2, from shooting up my Force Turret objective, and the plan was essentially to get Moros to shoot Sorscha, drop her DEF, and then send in the Assassins and/or shoot her up with MHSF.

In the end it turns out that Gallows through the Arc Node to drag her closer, followed by two shots from Garryth (needing 10’s to hit), followed by a shot from Moros’ Death Shadow gun is, well, enough to win me the game by assassination.

Long story short, I still have no idea just how effective saturating the board with Mage Hunter Assassins is 😉

Game two was against Lostie TheGreatGaspy and his Convergence. I’ve now played a total of five games against the Convergence of Cyriss, and this was my third against Iron Mother Directix. I ran Tier 2 Legions of the Dawn.

  • Dawnlord Vyros
    • Hydra (2)
    • Imperatus
  • Arcanist
  • Destor Thane
  • Dawnguard Sentinels (10) + UA
  • Dawnguard Sentinels (10) + UA

The premise here was that the Objective is such  a big juicy target that a barrage of boosted POW15  Force Cannon shots over multiple turns should get the job done. In the end, it wasn’t so I had to change tactics on the fly and remind my opponent that hiding Directrix behind the Prime Axiom was no counter to Vyros’ shooty tricks.

In the end I had her knocked down to 4 boxes, the second Hydra came up and… was about 1/4″ out of range. Directrix lived, the Monitor punched Vyros repeatedly until he had a nap.

Game three was against Pal Sean and his Gorten list with three Earthbreakers… and that’s it. I fielded…

  • Thyron, Sword of Truth
    • Hyperion
  • Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen
  • House Shyeel Artificer
  • Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios
  • Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
  • Mage Hunter Assassins (2)
  • Ghost Snipers (2)
  • Dawnguard Sentinels (10) + UA
  • Heavy Rifle Teams (2)

On the one hand, I wanted to see just how much of an impact having a MAT buff (Storm Rager) would have on models like Assassins, Narn and Skeryth. On the other hand, I clued in that the HRT’s would only be dice -3 on their damage rolls on the objectives, and that sort of thing adds up. Between the Ghost Snipers and HRT’s I was putting an average of 14 damage per turn onto the objective from 14″ away, and then Skeryth charged… the Smuggler’s Den was levelled. Victory!

Game four I took the same list, because I was too lazy to change it up. Pal Tyler put down Butcher3 and a MUCH more balanced list. This time, between Fenris and the Great Bears, I had nowhere near as easy a time just plinking the objective, and had to turn my guns elsewhere. Point of interest, Heavy Rifle Teams are Dice -1 on damage rolls on Fenris while he’s mounted…

Fighting ensued, Ruin put a LOT of damage onto my objective before Thyron and Hyperion were able to deal with him, and we went into the final turn looking like this…

Narn charged Butcher in the back, Hyperion stepped back to Reach range to beat on Butcher while leaving room for Thyron to get in on the action, but in the end the dice were in my favour and Hyperion told Butcher a lullabye.

Awesome times were had, and we ended the day with three players on 22 pts. As the only Retribution player there I claimed the Trib coin, leaving pal Tyler and new pal Bubba to decide which of them got the Khador coin and which got the event champion coin. In the end, Tyler took the shiny.

Big thanks to everyone who came out for an afternoon of bifftastic times, and yay for more shiny Trib bling for my collection!