Warmachine: Reckoning

Is there anything more hotly anticipated in the Privateer Press gaming community than the drop of a new book? I think not! Warmachine: Reckoning is falling into our laps with a thud of awesomeness. The book was pre-released at Lock & Load two weeks ago, and the internet being what it is spoilers abound, but it’s still not the same as holding a hallowed tome in your own hands and admiring its niftiness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have new shiny…

The latest offering from the creative minds at Privateer Press, Reckoning beings us new toys for Warmachine. Cygnar, the Protecorate, Khador, Cryx, the Retribution and Mercenaries all get new model entries, new warcasters, and something new on a 120mm base.

We open with the continuation of the over-arcing story of the Iron Kingdoms. In Vengeance we saw conflict on a massive scale as the forces of Cygnar and Khador formed an uneasy alliance to combat the forces of Cryx in the Thornwood after the discovery of a massive Necrofactorium where the Cryx and their allies the Cephalyx were amassing their forces.  Last we know the alliance was tenuous at best, and prominent warcasters from both sides were in states of peril, not the least of whom was Karchev the Terrible, held prisoner by the Cephalyx deep in their warrens.

As the story progresses we’re introduced to each of the new Warcasters and some of their new toys. Obavnik Zerkova is especially gracious (cough) in giving Ruin to Kommander Orsus Zoktavir…

As an avowed fluff bunny I will note that he faction fiction in Reckoning is lighter than in most previous expansion books, but given that we have fiction via Skull Island Expeditions on regular release I’m okay with this. The  fiction in Reckoning is tight and geared to purpose, moving the primary storyline of the Iron Kingdoms forward smoothly. The Cryx/Cephalyx alliance may have made for odd bedfellows of Cygnar, Khador and the Protectorate, but  how long the alliance lasts remains to be seen as each faction moves with their own agenda. In the meantime, Ios is occupied with the invading Skorne…

New faction entries are as follows:


  • Major Prime Victoria Haley –  talk of the town. Past, Present and Future Haley’s making everyone else cry
  • Dynamo – Sebastien Nemo’s latest innovation
  • Ace – Alistair Caine’s custom light warjack which you may recall from The Way Of Caine
  • Trench Buster – Nothing say Trencher like an Ogrun in a helmet
  • Hurricane – Because Cygnar needed a Colossal with an arc node…

Protectorate of Menoth

  • Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith – The Paladin Warcaster we’ve been waiting for
  • Purifier – 5pts of incandescent flame in a light warjack chassis, aww yeah
  • Hand of Judgment – Feora’s newest means to set things ablaze
  • Revelator – Colossal burnination, stripping the shadows away from the unfaithful
  • Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero – If the Protectorate ever made their own version of Captain America…


  • Obavnik Kommander Zerkova & Reaver Guard – Orgoth-infused warcaster unit…
  • Mad Dog – First seen in High Command, a new warjack on the Berserker chassis that’s built to trample.
  • Rager – Because Khador needed a 6pt heacy warjack with Shield Guard.
  • Ruin – Zoktavir’s newest plaything, an engine of utter destruction
  • Victor – 102 tonnes of Colossal with a Siege Mortar between its shoulders…


  • Deneghra, the Soul Weaver – So I hear you like manipulating souls from the back of a winged necromantic monstrosity…
  • Barathrum – If you thought Helldivers were unpleasant, Terminus’ pet Seether is going to make your life shorter
  • Sepulcher – Possibly the most versatile of the new Colossals. Oh, and guns that can shoot behind it too…
  • Shrike – *I love this concept!* Little winged slashy bonejack death
  • Soul Trapper – If Deneghra’s new soul manipulation tricks weren’t quite enough for you…

Retribution of Scyrah

  • Thyron, Sword of Truth – House Ellowuyr enters the fray in a big way
  • Moros – A game changer for Retribution, especially those who love Mage Hunter Assassins
  • Helios -Board manipulation on a towering Colossal chassis
  • House Vyre Electromancers – One part Stormsmith, one part Ternion, all badass lightning elves
  • Soulless Voidtracer – Doom for single wound spellcaster models


Now, special mention here. When Forces of Warmachine: Cephalyx released it was in digital form only; now, thanks to Reckoning, we have all the model entries that hadn’t previously been printed in physical form, including a new Warcaster….

  • Cogniphex Cyphon – How to make the most of your Monstrosities…
  • Exulon Thexis – Your mind is belong to him…
  • Subduer – Heavy Monstrosity with a net launcher
  • Warden – Heavy Monstrosity who just wants to apply the clamps
  • Wrecker – Heavy Monstrosity with twin flails
  • Cephalyx Mind Bender & Drudges – Because mindless minions isn’t just for Gru
  • Cephalyx Dominator – Making Mercenaries do what you want them to
  • Cephalyx Agitator – Have I ever pointed out how much I hate my opponent taking over my guys?
  • Swamp Gobber River Raiders – Harpoon Pistols. That is all.
  • The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers – Blood Bound…
  • Hammerfall Siege Crawler – Rhulic ingenuity finds new feet… and cannons…

In one of the more in depth painting guides I’ve seen, Reckoning walks step by step through the painting of Deneghra, the Soul Weaver. Dedication to detailing every aspect of the model is evident, right down to spotting the necromantic wyrm’s tongue. This rounds out the book to mean that we have content for fans of the advancing storyline, competitive players looking to get their mitts on the rules for the newest toys, and the hobbyists who are constantly looking to improve their painting and modelling skills.

With this latest expansion for Warmachine, Privateer Press presents new toys for all factions that impact the game in bigs ways and small. A new wave of Colossals tromps out to lay waste, new Character warjacks that will not only open up new opportunities but will also have me pondering existing theme forces and which might be worth re-evaluating (Hello, Garryth’s theme force with a warjack with a Paralysis gun…), and of course the new Warcasters themselves. Major Prime Victoria Haley alone forces a major rethink of how we look at Warcasters and threat potential, and Obavnik Zerkova has me recounting exactly how many Greylords I can put on the table at once…

Available now, Warmachine: Reckoning has something for everyone. Heck, the art of Anson Durst and  his Indictor beating on Banes is almost worth the price of admission by itself 😉 Praise Menoth!


2 Responses to Warmachine: Reckoning

  1. Avatar Stephen
    Stephen says:

    For all the goodness in this book (OMG they gave Ret a MAT buff!) there were a few things missing that surprised me. Specifically Savio Acosta, who went up on the website a few days before LnL and nothing for the Convergence, not even their new colossal.

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      We’ve known since Convergence were released that they wouldn’t receive new models in every expansion. The new Cephalyx warcaster was a nice surprise for those of a skittering inclination.

      Savio, Dr Nick and the Gremlins were all seen on the PP frontpage – that’s normally an indicator that the model release will likely be sometime in the next 3-4 months. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Savio’s rules released via No Quarter magazine for now.