Gremlin Swarm

Ever had one of those days when you just *really* want to annoy Warmachine players? There they are, stomping around the place with their enormous machines of war, while you’ve been stuck mucking out the Mountain King’s enclosure, and you think to yourself how much you hate the fact that Colossals don’t poop so those Khadorans over there just don’t know your pain, how hard it is to scrub the smell out of your breeches…

And then some Grymkin come along and you point them in the right direction and you can just feel that warm feeling in your chest when you just know someone on the other side of the battlefield is about to have a really bad day…

Ladies and Gentelelost, the Gremlin Swarm.

Four pieces, pretty straightforward except for the placement of the duo holding the helmet.

Def 12’s urky, but then, they have Stealth and they’re incorporeal. This means that most warjacks in the game can’t even defend themselves against a Gremlin Swarm, and it also means that for 2pts the four core Hordes factions each just got a model than can contest zones, and simply not worry about the vast bulk of models in the game being able to touch them.

This little fellow stands alone on the base, and appears to have a thick cylindrical tail… I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how long it took me to clue in that his “tail” and the lump on his back are due to his trying to eat a magelock pistol whole…

Spd 6 is decent, but with Apparition in the mix the Gremlins will also be getting an additional 2″ every turn during your control phase. 14″ out of your deployment zone puts them into any control zone that crosses the midline of the board on the first turn.

The most comical component, these two lads are also the most difficult to position on the base. They’re not actually difficult to get into place, but the ball of the lower gremlin’s right foot is your base contact, with the left foot intended to rest on the back of one of the others. It’s not Harbinger difficulty level by any means, but do be sure to test fit before attaching anything to the base.

Their Sabotage * Action put d3+3 damage onto any warjack or battle engine, your choice where the damage goes. This is solid in itself but it may just be that the fact that they strip the ability to be repaired or remove damage will be the more telling side of the ability. It just occurred, I think they may well even stop Imperatus’ Phoenix Protocol…

The other twosome on the base includes one gremlin pulling at the internal workings of a warjack arm (this is the one the raised-foot gremlin is supposed to be standing on) and another who thinks he’s found a cookie.  Clearly, I’m just holding the pieces loosely together for the photo here, there’s no enormous leg gap when you assemble the models properly.

Who causes mischief? Gremlins. On a d3 roll they either disrupt, slow down, or mess with the rangefinders on every enemy warjack they’re currently in base contact with. Rude!


Resin base from Dragon Forge Design’s Wasteland II series

Slightly different angle, because  heck, I had the shot.

The Gremlin Swarm is a July release and plays for Skorne, Circle Orboros, Legion of Everblight and Trollblood armies, and is pretty much guaranteed to annoy your local Warmachine players. As a Hordes player, how can you say no? Check out your FLGS.