At Long Last: Cephalyx!!

autojack80So my life has been a little difficult for the past few years. Much of it has been spent occupying myself while trying to get through my MA thesis and getting into the next program. Fortunately I have had the most wonderful support of a woman who has been kind, generous, and simply brilliant at all times in my life. While I have been largely without disposable income of any kind, she has kept me with a roof over my head, and even gassed our car for me so I could drive out to my favourite LGS to play Warmachine–something she understands well as one of the few things that keeps me sane.

Last September, I found myself in a situation in which I have rather frequently found myself, scrounging what pennies I could to get her a really cool birthday present. At this time, my very understanding friend, Lostie TheGreatGaspy had just gotten into his Cephalyx army, and had collected up a fair number of them. I asked him if he would allow me to paint up his army for him in exchange for some money with which I could buy her a birthday present. Testament to the greatness of his namesake, he acceded, despite that he is normally far more inclined to paint his own things. I told him I would make every effort to finish them within two months. Unbeknownst to me at the time, life was about to drop the hammer on me big time, and I found myself having my thesis work kick into serious overdrive for the next five months and kept my attention focused squarely on it for almost all of my waking hours. He was understanding about the need for an extension. While all of the thesis work was in my rearview mirror, having finished it prompted the next four or five things that needed to happen with my life, and so I was forced, again to back-burner the Cephalyx project. In this time, however, I would much more easily have squeezed a few hours here and there to paint, and to my shame I did not.

Finally, however, as those of you who can do rudimentary math can tell, nearly a year later *ulp*, I have fulfilled my promise, and here they are!


Part of my last Thornwood article, as avid readers will know, had to do with my trying to master the airbrush, and after having perused a few articles online and worked out a bit more energy, I’m pleased to say I think the skin on these monstrosities turned out a bit alright!


If there’s one thing I hate, it’s painting black robes and things. I think part of what inspired me with the Cephalyx was that despite their brutally sadistic nature, they are excessively Lynch-film-esque clean. Even in the most recent Reckoning fiction, the new Cognifex Cyphon is shown to have separated his part of the underground hive into dirty Cryx and thoroughly-scrubbed-with-Ajax Cephalyx sides. So doing their robes was just a matter of picking some very neatly separate edges and doing extreme highlights on them.



ceph03There was a whirlwind couple days where I had decided to throw myself back at the Cephalyx project with gusto, and I finished all the Mind Bender and Drudges in a mere two days. A proud feat, if I do say so, and I’m pleased with how they turned out!




More recently I went into finishing the spider at the center of his web, the warcaster Exulon Thexus, and his spindly claws. As usual with warcasters, I felt a little as though I hadn’t done enough on him, but warcaster models do a lot of the work themselves in looking a little more impressive, don’t you think? Either way, I’m pleased in particular with the colour of his 400-year old PJs under the swaddling belts. Looks comfy!


Finally, when I decided to ask Gaspy one night if he felt like he wanted his Machine Wraiths to be all ghosty or metal-y, he responded with an enthusiastic “Both!” likely just to make me roll my eyes. (Who doesn’t do that?) But then I thought, well maybe… And now that I’ve worked out a little more about how to do the airbrush tricks, I’m actually quite thrilled with how they turned out. Required a bit of matte sealant to dull up the ghosty parts, but I’m happy nonetheless.


I should mention, I also painted up a pair of Pistol Wraiths to accompany this army, but he needed them a little sooner to participate in our Battle in the Thornwood series! So do keep an eye out for the green-jacketed lads with red scarves and blue corpse flames. 😉

Needless to say, all of my recent super-monstrosity-painting has sadly left me unable to finish my Haley list for this week, and thus we shall have to wait a little longer for the next installment of the Thornwood series! But do keep your ears to the grindstone! Gaspy and I play Round 2 at the end of this week!

Stay Tuned, Losties!

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  1. wow, the amount of feels in a commision painted army article! well worth the time and effort as they look great, the skintones and the blue on the black robes are my favs.