Major Prime Victoria Haley

… sigh. Yes, there’s a new warcaster in town for Cygnar. Yes, she’s a Morrowan and my inner Menite is currently preparing a wrack that I might do penance not only for talking about her and showing the model(s) off for your personal examination, but also for actually spending good, honest Menite coin on buying this… this… unholy abomination.

In my defense? It has pins in it.

Inside yon box we find a special edition hardcover of At What Cost, by Doug Seacat, chronicling Victoria Haley’s transformation in the fiction from what we knew to what she has become. Oh, and the model and two shiny pins…

See? Shiny pins! I had to, Scrutator! I swear, the expansion of my pin collection really is for the glory of Menoth!!

Three models make up the set, the first being Haley Prime. It’s like being Optimus Prime but with less whirring noises when you transform.

While the arm and leg went together easily enough, it took me  a moment to clue in that the backpack was two component to be joined together before finding their home on her back.

When we talk about something costing an arm and a leg, we had no idea it was this precise… Haley Past has separate components for three of her four limbs… though no backpack to worry about.

Come back here, I’ll bite yer ankles off!

… no? Just me? Okay then….

The most visually impressive, of only because she’s totally channeling Phoenix, is Haley Future. No weapons for her, she’s all set to just zap her targets with her ROF3 Phase Bolt.

Haley Future’s cape needs the attention of a set of clippers, but the model is pretty darn clean otherwise.


Haley3 is a July release from Privateer Press, and is sure to annoy your opponents even more than Haley’s 1 and 2. You’re a Cygnaran? Here’s your next purchase.

One Response to Major Prime Victoria Haley

  1. I saw her in action this evening. Thankfully I was not the opponent. We will now refer to them as Baby Haley, Haley3, and Grandma Haley…