Nephilim Soldier and Bolt Thrower

Over the last few years we’ve seen a shift from metal models to resin and plastic as Privateer Press makes moves to not only counteract the rising cost of metals, but also (since I choose to believe that everything is done for our benefit :)) to lighten our army carrying solutions (I personally use KR Multicase) and relieve us of any future potential army-hefting hernias.

Today we crack open the two latest models to move from metal to plastic, the Nephilim Bolt Thrower and the Nephilim Soldier.

Side by side baggies! Despite having common components and components unique to each, they each come in a single sealed bag.

The joy having both models at once is a simultaneous unboxing! On the left, Soldier unique bits. On the right, Bolt Thrower unique bits. In the middle? Shared components!

The legs, tail and torso go together in a static fashion with shaped pegs.

The Soldier’s components include full wings (tiny as they may be relative to the body size), head, sword and forearm.

Shaped pegs will help you align the wings, and the head similarly fits flush to the neck.

A little test fitting might save you some grief with the sword, but it’s an easy fit and nicely stabby.

By comparison the Bolt Thrower’s vestigial spiny growths make him look like he wants to be a Cephalyx Overseer when he grows up.


As with the Soldier, the Bolt Thrower’s left arm is a separate component but it pops into its recess  on the haft nicely and everything pretty much lines up perfectly out of the gate.

Now, the reason I’ve always considered the Bolt Thrower my favourite of the Neph’s is right here. Is that not the most badass thing ever? I’m all swoony right here.

The plastic resculpts of the Nephilim Soldier and Bolt Thrower are July releases and would dearly like to take the place of the metal sculpts that are contributing to your lower back pain. Ask your FLGS is plastic nephilim are right for you.