The Fire Rises.

Recently a new Minions unit hit my table, Privateer has decided to call them Croak Raiders. A nice flexible unit to fill out the Blindwater lineup with a some more ranged options. However, I stopped playing Blindwater awhile ago and after some reflecting I quickly became enamoured with them for my Trollbloods. That being said these aren’t ordinary frogs… They’re a little extraordinary, like Kermit the Frog but like x1000.


For those of you that are a bit behind and don’t know too much about them. They’re a 5/10 unit for a reasonable price. They will work for all the Hordes factions and obviously Blindwater. With a really effective statline of MAT5/RAT 6, SPD 6, DEF 13/ARM 14. Sure they’re only single wound, however for an great price of 5/8 they make their cost on the statline alone.

That being said, attached to those statlines are a couple key abilities and their weapons which I personally believe make the unit a fabulous as they are. For weapons they have a regular hand weapon at POW 8, and two ranged weapons. One being a RNG 10/POW 12 fire damage with the continuous fire ability and the other being a RNG 8/AOE 3 that does no damage. For abilities they have: advance deployment, immunity: corrosion, amphibious, gang and vitriol.

Frog Kitten?

Realistically the trick comes from the ranged weapons. The RNG 10/POW 12 fire weapon isn’t anything to write home about, until you look at the ability of the Oil Gourd (their second weapon). It does no damage, however the debuff that it applies is what I think to be the most important part of their kit. The debuff is called Oil and causes fire damage rolls to be automatically boosted. That is pretty strong to say the least, you have the ability to ensure boosted damage rolls for the rest of the models in the unit and possibly one boosted damage roll during your opponents turn. Although the oil weapon has cumbersome, so you can’t shoot both in a turn and can’t shoot it if you shot with a different weapon. I can live with only shooting one of them a turn, mostly because if you can exploit the fire damage rolls and get the free boost with it, it’s completely bonkers. From here, where do I think they’ll fit in the realm?

Eat ones heart out?

Casual aside, Eat your Heart out Gorman, there’s new sheriffs in town and you can take your Black Oil and stuff it. Oh and they’re mean and they are green.

At surface glance, having a slightly faster unit with a ranged option available to Minions is pretty awesome. I find that having the oil ability helps infantry the most (basically those that don’t have the ability to boost their own damage), sure it can help warbeasts by giving free boosting, but it isn’t completely necessary given most Factions have the ability to exploit a fury management system allowing them to extend themselves further and reel themselves in. Bane (Dark Knight Rises reference inc) would absolutely love these guys.

The Fire Rises!


/endtangent, I feel that they could find a good home in Jaga-Jaga. Spell piercer is pretty cool to have for their. Given their average stat lines, the ignorance of defensive buffs can really make them stellar models. From a fast glance, I don’t really think that they don’t have a great deal of synergy with Minions but can be a good unit to round out a force that is already functioning well.


Moving on! Circle? Sure they have debuffs available to them to help their to hit models and increase their self-efficiency; Curse of Shadows on Cassius, Telekinesis on Krueger2. But I am sorry to report, on a quick glance the only model with a fire damage type weapon is the Celestial Fulcrum. BUT HEY!  You still have Bradigus. 😛  Although I will add, running Croak Raiders against Circle makes me a bit scared, because of the Druid Overseer. Practically giving their entire army immunity: fire is… Not Bueno. Don’t rain on my parade guys.

Don't Rain on it Bro!

Legion? Thagrosh has flaming sprays and almost every single warbeast that has a ranged weapon, is fire damage type! As I said before free boosts are great, however it may be my meta, or just the reality that Legion has AMAZING fury management, they don’t really have to worry about boosting. With only a few stat debuffs to increase accuracy or damage, I don’t feel like they have a likely home under Everblight! (But Typhon and Zuriel would absolutely LOVE them).

I’m a wee bit Skorney for this one. Skorne itself has a couple of really interesting synergies, obviously Minions LOVE Skorne for the Paingiver Task Master. Tough and no knock down means you can push your minions to the limit.


In addition, they have Incindiaririririi, another infantry with fire damage type weapons. They can light all the things on fire with their AOEs and have the ability to stretch for “boosted blast damage” by clipping people with the blast damage of their fire guns that have been tagged with oil. One of my personal favourites for the Skorne faction is Ashes to Ashes on Hexy2. FREE BOOSTS ON THOSE DAMAGE ROLLS?! BANANAS.1

Maybe the Dessert Hydra is gonna love these guys too.  <_< Who knows?

Dessert HJydra!

Lots of you people know that my two favourite factions in this game are Mercenaries and Trollbloods. Now these puppies can’t work for Mercs, so without further ado, I shall talk about my LOVE for them.

Trolls for a long time haven’t had any issues with being able to play the ranged game. Having picked up most of their technology for ranged weapons from their good buddies Cygnar (<_<), personally I think they have got to have the most ranged options for a faction of Hordes in comparison to the others.

A couple of things stick out for me. Pyre Trolls, AOE 3 RNG 8 POW 12 fire damage, with auto fire, SURE. I’ll take those free boosts please and thank you. 😀

Eat some Fire!

Then there are these bad boys, for those that are not familiar with these lively gents. They are the Northkin Fire-eaters. They like to be on fire, nay, they LOVE to be on fire. It makes all their attack and damage rolls boosted, and they get +5 ARM vs any kind of fire damage. On top of all that they have a SPRAY 6 POW 12 auto fire as well. For a really cheap cost per unit and the ability to take 2 of them you’re pretty much all set to light the world on fire and watch it burn.

The list that I’ve decided to try them out in is a rather off the wall kind of one and using a Troll caster that doesn’t get as much love as he should at times.


Look at him. He looks like that Score! Baby. He even has the same facial expression. He’s basically going, SCORE! I get Croak Raiders. I love those guys!


Here’s a copy of the list:

War Room Army

Trollblood – Gunn

50 Points   Warlock(s) : 1/1    Warbeast(s) : 4    Battle Engines : 0    Solos : 1    Units : 5

Captain Gunnbjorn
–    Troll Impaler
–    Dire Troll Bomber

Horgle Ironstrike
–    Pyre Troll
–    Slag Troll

Northkin Fire Eaters – Leader, Grunt, and Pyg Buddy
Northkin Fire Eaters – Leader, Grunt, and Pyg Buddy
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – Leader & 3 Grunts
–    Stone Scribe Elder
Trollkin Warders – Leader & 4 Grunts
Croak Raiders – Leader & 9 Grunts

Gunny gets an Impaler and a Bomber for damage and the ability to give himself Far Strike when needed because he’s going to toss Snipe onto the Croak Raiders, there’s nothing like being able to aim with those badboys! Horgle runs a Pyre (for the FIRE) and a Slag because he can and it offers some utility vs. Constructs and also helps by doing his utmost to not make you run completely hot on fury. Then there’s the Fire Eaters, they get to Advanced Deploy up with the Croaks and if you can get Gunny’s feat off early (cover, immunity to blast damage, and cannot be knocked down) you can offer them the ranged defense they need to be able to get into the fray and if necessary you can borrow some of the fire shots from the Croaks to light them up. Stone to put out your Fire Eaters if necessary, then there’s Warders just to round everything out and give you a melee option to follow up your ranged play. That all being said I think I’m out of time for now, I will talk about how the list has been successful and it’s shortcomings maybe later on.

Comments? Leave them below, I’d love to read them. Until next time! Also, remember:

Keep Calm.