Cognifex Cyphon

The introduction of the Cephalyx as a mercenary subpact was an interesting one. Forces of Warmachine: Cephalyx was originally disseminated via the PP Reader app, and also through No Quarter Magazine (which you should all be reading), and then finally printed in hardcopy form as part of Warmachine: Reckoning. We knew, as with the Convergence of Cyriss, that we shouldn’t be expecting toys for this new force on any regular release schedule, but Reckoning also dropped the hate-filled tadpole of doom on us…

Ladies and Gentelost, Cognifex Cyphon…

While there’s a lot of spindly bits in there, the main body is the plastic tadpole of hate. Assembly is very straightforward.

While Thexus has his body hangnoug outside of his support carapace, Cyphon’s body – or what’s left of it – is fully enclosed (hence ARM17 rather than ARM14, perhaps). His head is the only part outside of the carapace, and in true Cephalyx fashion even that’s fully enclosed.

I swear, there’s someone somewhere making a mint on ball joints, the way the Cephalyx like to arm themselves… Get it? Arm themselves? With all the armatures? Muhahaha!

Cyphon is mounted on a flight base, taking advantage of Privateer’s newest basing tricks.

The underside of the canopy has circuitry for those looking to such things. The mold channels will need to be clipped off, of course.

Here we find a wild Cyphon lurking it its bush, where it keeps its collection of toiler paper rolls, half eaten sandwiches, and Field & Stream magazines. If we’re quiet, we might get to see him in action as he leaves his nest in search of pastrami.

Behold the majestic Cyphon in flight! See how his armatures click and clatter as they sense particles in the air, trying to find that elusive sausage. He’s just… No! Wait, I think he’s seen us!

Startled, the Cyphon flees back to his nest, where he’ll seek comfort amid his sandwiches and magazines. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of him, but catching him out of the nest like this was a rare occurence. We are truly blessed.

Cyphon was painted by Lost Painter Nick, and was nabbed at GenCon but can be yours in October once he hits stores. Enjoy!