GenCon 2015 Pt 1: Things Seen

Although I was at Pennsic for the last two weeks, biggest event on the SCA calendar and all that jazz, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a side trip to GenCon, not only because it meant I would get to stay with Ninja Steve and his family again (who I totes heart), but also because it meant I’d get so see so many other cool folk who I hold near and dear, and score myself some shinies in the process. My wallet may never forgive me, mind you…

Every good gaming convention road trip should start with omnomnoms…

A six hour road trip? No worries, I ride with Ramshaven behind me. (I didn’t have my Septentria band yet, or I’d be wearing that too)

Stopped for lunch. Apparently the Americans are trying to recreate poutine. Kinda.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Ninja Steve and… Ninja Parker??? He got a promotion!

The Admiral, of course, needs no promotion. She’s just full of awesomesauce. So much love for these guys.

We may have hit the Ram and nabbed some of this year’s swag…

Before heading to the convention, the Royal Warden found his mirror universe counterpart, but neither had a goatee so they couldn’t figure out which was the evil one.

Ninja Steve and Gdaybloke in the hizzouse!

Just a couple of people milling around, waiting to get into the vendor hall

Ever vigilant, the Royal Warden watched for pickpockets, thugs, and chartered accountants.

Hey, remember that time I remembered the panorama feature on my phone?

There were plenty of people hanging out in the gaming halls as well.




And then there was the Privateer booth…

Oh, Matt Wilson, you roguish devil you…

Piles of shinies just waiting to be snaffled.


Crowd control this year was a little… steam-powered

Would you demo High Command with this man?

Someone really needs to mod a Glacier King into a Dairy Queen…

They’ll keelhaul your ankles!

All it really wants is to be loved…

The diorama this year featured a lonely Mountain King back in the forest.

I was only onsite on Thursday, so there were only a couple of entries submitted for the P3 painting competition at the time. Filthy Morrowans, of course.

Manscaping isn’t very popular among Dire Trolls


This plush shredder was keen to read up on unblighted Nyss, and maybe to eat them.

The man, the beard, the legend – Simon Berman.

Ninja Steve and I made friends!

If you look carefully you’ll see the rarely sighted Ed Bourelle trying to blend in with the crowd. It’s difficult for this majestic creature, given that he’s on average about four feet taller than most humans.

MIKE RYAN WHUT WHUT!!!????!??!???

Will Shick *looks* like he’s entering working, but in his head? Totally playing Galaga.

Nearby, the Games & Gears crew were apparently monochrome.

The Malifaux booth upped their game with a Coryphee (I think I have that right)

The new Ice Golem is such an improvement over the Mk1 model… though I stull prefer the original Rasputina.

Over at Ninja Division, there were all sorts of chibi shinies to gander at, which made me happy. Oh, and Relic Knights too!

Models for the incoming Ninja All Stars.

More Ninja All Stars

Whut the whut? New miniboss and hero for Super Dungeon Explore, ya say?

Speaking of, super neat display

They don’t *quite* make me want to hang up my brushes…

I mean, it’s a close call, but … yeah, pretty chibis.

Relic Knights demo tables were also very pretty

A continuing reminder that I need to up my terrain game one of these days


Codebreaker is one of the more interesting Questing Knights, conceptually. Pleased to add him to my collection.

Shattered Sword Paladins, now with added jetpack fwoosh.

Lug! He looks so happy…


Not that I’d be able to drive one back across the border…

Didn’t there used to be a TV show or something? 😛

Upper Deck’s booth was set up all tropical-like to promote their new Legendary Encounters: Predator, but my interest was elsewhere…

Like, top left shelf there.
Sadly, they were sold out by the time I got back to the  booth to buy some.

Star Wars Armada. PEW PEW!

X-Wing on a hard plastic 3-D molded Death Star surface board? Why, yes.


So I hear you like dice…

Dangly bits

Mayhap helpful for online play? Must investigate further.


Every gamer’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed table

I had the most wonderful time talking with the Poetic Earth vendors. Very, very pleased with their products. I bought a journal for myself, another for a friend.

For non-GenCon attendees… the hall is… sizeable…


I’ve been stalking their website for some time…

And now? I’m just plain classy.

A little something for Travis Morton to dream about…

Dr Who card game?

Dr Who RPG!



Seriously. The dalek was chanting “High five if you want to exterminate all humans!”

Totes Gangsta Homies.

I picked this up for Gdayboy for his birthday. Need to find time to read the rules now…

Panorama of part of the gaming hall.

Panorama of *another* part of the main gaming hall.

Legion vs Convergence. “I ignore all sorts of LOS stuff!” “Oh yeah? Well I ignore all sorts of allocation stuff!”
Cheaters… 😉

Nothing makes you new friends quite like Haley Double Stormwall


PRIZES! … wait… PINS!!!!
… I didn’t steal them, no worries…
… this time…

Bonus points for making propeller noises as you buzz past your opponents.

Gorgeous tables abounded

Oh yeah… and this thing…. Ahem…


Val of the Table Titans may be one of the best things ever.

The Royal Warden sought to conquer the Boss Monster from the inside.

I was asked to get some pics of Halo Fleet Battles…

And then I found some Kingdom Death stuff too! Lighting in the cabinets was moody but shoddy for snapshots

More Kingdom Death…

Rum & Bones Display Boards were freaking gorgeous, and fully playable

I came so very close to backing this kickstarter.

The regular playboard isn’t  quite as visually exciting, but is still neat.

Yeah, I apparently just needed a pic of this…

Sons of Sandlar amused me by having booths both at GenCon *and* Pennsic

Ninja Steve and I played a demo of Wild West Exodus… behold yon pretty models for the next several shots

The Royal Warden was not intimated by Abe Lincoln’s axe-wielding.


And then there were some freaking beautiful Dark Sword models…

What does the fox say?

I used to love the Werewolf RPG. I loved how it didn’t shy away from some of the horrors inflicted  upon others by simple, human people. I was very pleased to find a section on the Bunyip in the special edition.

Adorable little Wakfus!

In the end I walked away with a bunch of stuff. Granted, a bunch of it was ninja’d for others, but still… good times.

And then on the way back to Pennsic I had a Sonic slushie for the first time. It had actual of pineapple in it! Mmmm delicious.

Next: Folks I ran into and cosplayers from GenCon!

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