GenCon 2015 Pt 2: Peeps and Props

Moar GenCon! Yesterday’s post was all about strolling the floor, now let’s take a gander at some of the costumes and cool peeps I bumped into. It’s loose categorization, but I needed some means of differentiating between the two photodumps, deal with it 😉

Ninja Steve was, of course, my trusty sidekick throughout this adventure.


Ever since Cthulhu went on Atkins he’d become much more svelte.

Ami, Craig, Danny and Mercedes!

And then I ran into them again! Ami is, of course, Lostie Setsuk0, who’s been sharing with you all her painting progress on Legion models in recent times.

I spotted this as  I was meandering the floor. A true Menite? Selfies must be had!

Selfies were had.

Nothing like running into random Losties. John here made my day, just rocked up and said hi. Hi, John!

Bad beetz. It’s a thing.

I really can’t explain this vendor’s costume…

“Dude, quit yankin’ my chain!”

DarkLegacy, caught in the wild.


I don’t know if this is a character from a game I ‘m unfamiliar with or not, but she jingled when she walked.

Some initial purchases… unboxings and the like are on the agenda.

Performers doing their thang

It’s the pink sneakers that really sell it.

A WILD ZIONSON APPEARED! He was super delicious.
Bonus Ninja Steve.

Which droids were you looking for again?

Shoshie! You should totally be joining in her painting hangouts.

She was working the booth that sold Krosmaster Arena. Not sure of relevance?

This. Is. GenCon!


If you’re going to do shiny bling, be committed.

The church made great advances once they started arming their pastors.

Dude. Thor. ‘Sup.

Ami and Danny again! This time with bonus Royal Warden!

Betty and Lug!

Betty and Bloke! (For the record, Marie-Claude and I met last year at the Ninja Division pizza party. She’s neat peeps. Also, she *built* that Lug. She knows her stuff.)

Betty and Ninja Steve!

Betty and Riot Queen! Oh, and Lug again


Love Letter while we waited for our table to come up at the Ram.

“I regret that I have but one life to give for this buttery goodness.”

Serious Aggyface at the Ram.

“Okay, how the hell do I extricate myself from this bearded Manwich….”

We couldn’t decide what to drink, so…

Hiiiiii Mercedeeeeeess……..

Ben’s Glacier King Pie was tres tasty

And then Ninja Steve inhaled and sucked us all into a vortex of destruction and digestion.

Shredder snuggles with Mercedes and Kellog

GenCon was a whirlwind for me this year because I had to get back to Pennsic, but I had a wonderful time, got to see many of the peeps, and walked out having spent far more on new shinies than I’d originally planned… for such is GenCon.

Next: Pennsic Pt 2!