SCA: Pennsic XLIV Pt 1

Pennsic photodump Number One! Dear Lord, there were a lot of photos to sift through… these represent the first few days of Pennsic XLIV, my first major camping event and the largest SCA event on the calendar, because never do anything half-arsed. I arrived in Pennsylvania the first Saturday of the event, and spent four days immersing myself in a whole new experience (before I took a side trip to GenCon, but that’s the next photodump). Behold the shenaniganry. So many cool people, so many new friends, such a different world…

Packed and ready to pull out of the driveway. The fact that I could still see out of my back window  meant that I was doing it wrong.

The line for Troll (you pay the Troll to get across the bridge, so to speak). Some people had to wait 4+ hours to get through.

Some people set up small canopies beside their cars so they would have shade. Others broke out beverages, snacks, board games. Thankfully we were only in line for about 2 1/2  hours.

Pal Alex brought us slushies!!!

Pal Bethoc welcomed me to Camp Talfryn. Alex had been eating a smurf. Blue slushies are best slushies.

My campmates love me, really they do…

Actually, this thing was amazing. It was a heck of an icebreaker, and earned me many pats on the head and “There, there”s.

Heading out for dinner. This? This is one of the parking lots. In less than 24 hours, you won’t be able to find a park anywhere on this hill.

Alex is very serious about hydration.

The Serengeti starting to fill up.

Talyfryn’s gateway

Mounting the heads of your enemies on pikes is still a thing.

This is where I would be found for many a lunchtime…

And this is why. Mmmm pineapple and beets on a burger…

Sunday morning walk, I discovered Cooper’s Lake. I racked up 15 miles walking that day…

This would be my home for the next two weeks. No ropes, just a centre pole, balance and tension.

Many camps had decorated gate. Stone walls, pallisades, massive archways… all groovy.

The Cathedral

Only the finest aphothecarions for me, thank you very much!

This man is a legend. All pay homage to Phineas.

Kicking with pals Merewen and Meuric.

I should point out, one of the major things was that my name was Graham for two weeks. Going back to being Chris has been weird.

Bethoc and I did a Watch shift. Srs bznss.

The Eye of Sauron. Nothing like lighting an entire carpark with a single uberpowered floodlight.

Interior of the Hedgehog longhouse. This thing was amazing 🙂

Real construction workers wear fezzes

Hedgehog Ivan tries his first Tim Tam Slam. It went well.

Over to the Rozakii camp for games day to celebrate Merewen’s belated birthday!

I had a luvverly bunch of coconuts…

The Royal Warden also came out to play.

Ever vigilant…

Seriously, America, who the heck convinced you that these were Smarties?? Smarties are chocolate and candy, not little discs of chalk!

Every time I walked past Sable Maul’s encampment, I thought there were people standing around in their armour tent.

The Northern Army hosted the Little Free Library. Yay for providing service!

The next morning, Kellog the Shredder came with me for a walk down to the lake.

Captain Draven Grey was all a-swoony over Kellog.

Phineas lost the staring contest in the end…


A plushie Shredder, a pouch made from kangaroo testicles, and Crimson Kate. It’s a thing.

I’m not sure I want to know what Phineas put in Kellog’s drink.

Clearly Kellog’s been hanging out with Lylyth at some point.

Next up? On my way to GenCon! A gift of a compass from Capt. Grey should help me find my way back…

5 Responses to SCA: Pennsic XLIV Pt 1

  1. Was lovely meeting you in Westengale and chatting around the fire! You took many more pictures than I managed to.

  2. I love this! Its fun to see Pennsic from the eyes of a new SCAdian. Can’t wait to read the next entry.

  3. Great pictures of the longhouse! Come back and play the picture phrase game next year 🙂

  4. Avatar patty carroll
    patty carroll says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all, great pictures

  5. It was great to get to hang out with you, Graham/Chris! I look forward to it next year as well…