Paint The Target: September 2015

Hey Hey, It’s Target Day! It’s been a long one – double the normal length – but then, I did ask you to paint up either something enormous or an entire unit unit of models, and not some rinky dink 2-man artillery team, we’re talking full squad here. I’m delighted that we got a mix of both in the end results, and not only is someone taking home a prize just for playing along, but, well TWO someones  get something this month! As cool as it is to reward one lucky Lostie for their participation, it’s just that much sweeter to do it for two 😉

Out of the gate is longterm Lostie BrotherScott’s Trencher Infiltrator unit. BrotherScott has apparently knocked out multiple units and three different warcasters in the past two months, but was kind enough to only submit the one unit so as not to flood this month’s gallery with filthy Morrowans. So thoughtful…

Fiendil submitted his Poison Ivy for the last Target, but he’s upped the game this time with three … um… well, are they heroes or villains nowadays? Gotham Sirens! Complete with goons. If you take note of the basing you’ll see the mobs actually pair up somewhat with the Sirens as well. Attention to detail, people!

Normally I’d chide TheGreatGaspy for his out-of-focus photography, but heck, he knocked out a Mountain King *before* the errate dropped 😉  I’m willing to cut him a little slack.

Normally I don’t allow multiple entries, but this one was kinda special and I’m counting it as one extended entry anyway 😉 Pal NotThatOne knocked out his Highwaymen, but his “big thing” was his new gaming table, complete with a selection of terrain and an objective for the Reckoning release event!

Pollux66 got down, dirty and industrial with the Galleon. It occurs… if that’s a cargo claw, what the heck kinda cargo is it hefting? Even a Heavy Warjack can be lifted by another Heavy!

Prophaniti knocked out a bunch of tiny Russian soldiers, but I wanted to show off his second contribution to this month’s target, some Star Nebula Corsairs from Relic Knights! I love how the parrot, Cesar, looks more like an African Grey than a Macaw.

Finally. Ranny128 knuckled down and chugged through the Mistmourn Coast Warband, complete with the Salt Crystal spawn point, Trent, Salt himself, and oh, a little Troll shaman to boot. Woot for more SDE!



Double whammy time! Two! Two winners! Ah-hahahahaha! [/Count]
Ahem. Good times, and after dunking my head in a tureen of spaghetti sauce, tiny flakes of oregano settled to reveal the names of… THEGREATGASPY and NOTTHATONE! Gah! Email me your addresses, lads, and we’ll go from there.!


Okay, back to the regular monthly challenges… we’ve had fun swimming in the deep end, but it’s time to rein it in a little. In fact… let’s rein it in all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum. How strong’s your tiny detail work? Feeling like doing a little painting?

September’s challenge is to THINK SMALL. Dwarves, gnomes, gremlins, cyphers, helper bots – it’s the little things in life that’ll make me happy this time around. Note that this category does include pretty much everything chibi, since they’re inherently smaller, adorabler versions of things 😉 Nothing that won’t fit on a 30mm base, everything shorter than in-scale human.

Send in your pics of new shinies to by Noon, September 27th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end ;)

2 Responses to Paint The Target: September 2015

  1. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    Thanks again G’daybloke. Ironically for Small stuff, I’ve temporarily run out of tiny Russians. Still some good entries this double-month. I’m liking the variety too.

  2. After I get my Magnus2 Bad Seeds list painted up (the real reason behind me painting the filthy Cygnarans) I am contemplating getting my Privateers on the table… you may see Lord Rockbottom by the end of this month,