SDEFK: Princess Emerald

One (Forgotten) King to rule all the Okoshrooms… Five princesses to kick his proverbial. Crystalia’s give princesses are each incredibly unique individuals, each with different gifts and abilities and potentially hair colour to the extent that you have to wonder if they’re actually related at all, or whether they were grown in a lab until an accidental exposure to Chemical X gave them all new gifts and wild hair.

Princess Ruby was the first SDE fans got to play with, from the Caverns of Roxor expansion. Now, the Forgotten King core set – SDE 2.0 if you will – brings the sniping Princess Emerald out to play. Carlton and I painted these two, at least this time we agreed – kinda sorta – on hair colour 😉


Princess Emerald is a normal (hah!) human, so has 6 movement and the standard hero allotment of 3 actions. Her pocketknife has a melee range of 1 square, but let’s be honest, if you’re not whipping out that sniper rifle and popping kobolds from up to 8 (!) squares away, you may not be doing it right…

  • 2B Strength. While she can beat someone over the head with the butt of her rifle, that’s not where the stopping power is.
  • 3B Armour. An average start, find some loot to stack on.
  • 1R1B Will. Solid, she may be a contender for party Iniative roller.
  • 1R2B Dexterity. Hello, now we’re seeing where her emphasis is (as if the model wasn’t a big enough clue)
  • Green Crystal Affinity
  • No passive abilities – she’s ‘normal’, orright?
  • 5 hearts, 1 potion.

Aside from the emphasis on shooting and the (frankly awesome) 8 square range on her rifle, there’s not  a lot going to Princess Emerald so far, but the proof is in the pudding… or the potion, really, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

For 2 of her actions, Emerald can fire off a Stinging Shot. Still range 8, but an extra red dice makes it 2R2B, and just to be rude, it also causes the Ice status effect. Targets hit by the shot lose all access to Unique Actions (blue buttons). Against some mobs and minibosses that’ll be devastating.

Her own Unique Action, Scope, is a non-damaging shot, range 8, opposed Dex vs Dex, that causes the Bane status effct, stripping the target of their highest result rolled for any defense roll, or of one auto ARM in Arcade mode. This means that her own shots are more likely to wound, and also those of her teammates. Bane means the target is now more vulnerable to just about everything. Not only can Emerald get rid of threats half a board away, she can make it easier for the rest of the team to do so as well…

Finally, there’s her Hunter’s Ration potion. Only works on heroes, Heal 2 and Surefoot. Heal 2, meaning anyone with a potion can heal 2 damage, remove 2 status effects, or do one of each…. and Surefoot, so terrain doesn’t slow you down in the least. Bringing a straight up heal to the party? She’s on the list of borderline autoincludes…

Princess Emerald is an excellent support piece, helping her teammates pull off their own nasty tricks, healing them their injuries, and while we’re at it, putting a slug into that Kobold Flinger that was just about to load up a hot pot from downtown. An excellent addition to any team and, frankly, a lot of fun to paint too.

Next up: Shadow Mode Candy (whut??!!??)