Setsuk0: Sir Ravagore the Spitfire

setsuk0avatarAs my mission goes on, I have finally completed another model. It is so exciting to almost have a full 50 point list painted. It has been slow, but I am getting there. It makes me happy that in the last 5 months,or so, I have painted more than I ever have. My models are happy to be shining with color, instead of bare plastic and/or metal. It may not be the best paint job, but it’s mine and I’m proud of it.

On the pedestal today is Mr. Ravi! He was a model I was a little nervous to take on. Even though my model color selection and scheme was the same, this time I had the pleasure of taking on painting fire for the first time. I did horrible. Lol. It’s okay though. It was a learning experience. The next Ravagore I will be able to try a different avenue.

As for this Ravagore, I knew what effect I wanted after my camping vacation to New Hampshire. Danny and I were watching the fire burn out, and the embers were just beautiful. I knew then, I wanted a burning embers effect. Dark reds, oranges and the dark smokey look. Before this, I had spent time just looking on google for fire effects, and how to paint them. I was not entirely happy with the tutorials and pictures I had found online. They all reminded me of ketchup and mustard. They were all painted really well, they just didn’t work for me.

Anywho, I made some posts, asked a few friends of mine what they thought I needed to do to acheive this effect. After some discussion, I had my paints picked out! I had maybe too many picked out. I started with Citadel Yriel Yellow, then P3 Heartfire, then Citadel Blazing Orange. Then I used WAY TOO much Citadel Mephiston Red. Finally I used a little bit of a wash, Citadel Nuln Oil, for the smoky effect.

After I realized I used too much red, I tried to go back to lighten up with some yellows and oranges, but it was too late and I didn’t want to start over. SO, with that said. My model, minus touchup on the base, is complete! I plan on getting some snow flock and doing some other nifty things with the base.  My apologies for the unfinished base.

Next , RAEKY RAEK! My favorite stealth zone holder.


 photo 20150921_190524.jpg

 photo 20150921_204853.jpg

The Fire!

 photo 20150914_233821.jpg

 photo 20150925_204005.jpg


 photo 20150925_210647.jpg

 photo 20150925_210747.jpg

My nephew Royce, holding the zone.

 photo 20150919_001732.jpg