Thyron, Sword of Truth

I love my Retribution, I really do, but I acknowledge that each faction has its strengths and weaknesses, its own design hurdles that impact any and all releases. Protectorate warjack releases, for example, need to factor in the existence of the Choir of Menoth. Khador don’t get light warjacks, Cygnar don’t get multiwound infantry, etc. This could all change with the next book, I know, but for now…

In the case of the Retribution, the existence of Mage Hunter Assassins meant I never expected anything that markedly increased MAT, or even STR. People are spooked enough by Assassins already, without our making them able to hit that much more reliably… and then we met House Elluwyr… Ladies and Gentelost, Thyron, Sword of Truth.

Thyron comes in 9 pieces. Not too shabby for the warcaster that’s reinvigorating the faction’s deadliest solos.

Thyron’s body is a single component, yay! There are a few bits and bobs to glue to it, which unfortunately aren’t keyed for easy alignment, but it’s not difficult. The two channels on the rear of either side of the collar are where the two back vanes will go. Each shoulderpad has a dimple to receive one of the two dagger ornaments.

Thyron’s head has an immense spike on it that clearly indicates that he’s secretly a unicorn. The detail on the helm is a little shallow, but not so much so that it’ll cause any problems.

His sword, Rememberance, you’ll likely want to test fit with the right forearm to make sure it all lines up properly. Deep recesses for the wrist and elbow connections make for a solid bond.

And then there’s two of these, each with one of the shoulder dagger ornaments and a back vane.

Much as the studio Thyron has a radically different paint scheme than what we’re used to from the studio, I wanted to try something different with my model. Rather than the usual orange and grey-green dominance with off white accents, I decided to let the Menoth White Highlight win the day, with only sparing orange plating. I think I’ll go back and make the vambraces orange as well, in the end, but for now we’re good, and damn of the Forgotten Empires base series from Dragon Forge didn’t just make a funky platform for him to heroically pose on.

Thyron is a September release from Privateer Press. He’ll stab things, he’ll stab them good! Bug your local store staff to get yours.