Chasing the Fez: Lonelymonk’s Bonez….


Fall is in the air. It was cold last night. Daylight just isn’t what is used to be…

In the last few weeks, I pulled out six stages. Sounds like a lot, but when you look at the chart it isn’t that big a deal.

Dicewraith has a busy job, family obligations and his progress is commendable. Fez needs to get to work…

  • Stage – Fez-—————–— Dicewraith ———— Monk’s
  • #1 —— Slaughterhousers –- Razor Boar x 6 —– Bog Trog full unit
  • #2 —— Roarsh & Brine—–– Dr. A & Road Hog – Blackhide Wrastler & Witch Doc
  • #3 ———————————- Carver —————- Jage – Jaga
  • #4 ———————————- Midus —-——-—— Rask
  • #5 ———————————- Gorax ——–—–—– Bull Snapper
  • #6 ———————————- Gorax ——–—–—– Bull Snapper
  • #7 ———————————- Road Hog -—-——– Iron Back Spitter
  • #8 ————————————————————– Maelok
  • #9 ——————————————–—————–- Gatormen Posse full unit
  • #10 ———————————————–————- Gatormen Posse full unit
  • #11 ———————————-———–————— Barnabas
  • #12 ———————————————————— Calaban
  • #13 ———————————————————— Boneswarm
  • #14 ———————————————————— Boneswarm
  • #15 ———————————————————— Boneswarm
  • #16 ———————————————————— Boneswarm
  • #17 ———————————————————— I don’t know, third base!!!

Boneswarm 02

Four Boneswarms is almost to easy, feels like cheating. Maelok needs some toys… The short one (Stumpy) is half the model, I got that part and some skulls and arms. I took the Commodore Cannon Skeleton part and put it on three models. Stumpy has him in the middle with some Red. Two other are on the left (Black) and right (Blue). They are all the same bone formula (FoW Cryx). I did some green glow to the eyes to make the spooky….

Barnabas 010

Barnabas was actually the first. Base color for his skin is Traitor Green. The cloak and hood are different skin colors with a lot of shading. He has a lot of coins, bone and rocks dangling all over the place. His axe is store (greatcoat grey) with some brass fittings.

Calaban is bright and amazon jungle green. He is based in Wyrm Green, green ink washed and shaded all over the place. I tried to make his skull weapon look like Crystal. I added some Mandrill colors to his mask and kept the old wood colors on the majority of it.

Calaban 020

A few solos, some units and heavy beasts are all that is left. Well Battle Engines, but no Piggy Roller yet, so it isn’t fair for me to paint a Gator pushcart. I picked up the DragonForge “Deep Blank Bases”; They are perfect for doing swamp bases if you want the water effects over the feet…  No I have not finished any yet, hope to have pics for you soon.

I’m waiting for the the Croak Raiders, pending a special order atthe FLGS. I was thinking of doing 3 solos and a unit next. One theme list allows 3 Gatormen Posse, Blindwater pact allows a third Posse too. So I will get another plastic Posse and paint them up too. Hmmmm, what colors?

Just do it!!!

2 Responses to Chasing the Fez: Lonelymonk’s Bonez….

  1. Second Posse color? Why not red/ rust? 🙂

  2. Photos of the two Posse are here…

    One of them is red/rust colored…