Dicewraith: Fez update


dicewraith60Well losties as Lonelymonk commented I am a bit of a speed painter, this works is a few weeks old, in fact I having touched pigs since October started. I am just slow at blogging.


Stage #3 warcaster/solo

I chose to go warcaster since it was originally my intention to have these pigs ready for con travel and thunderdome usually happens at cons.  So for Stage 3 I went with an alternative color scheme Carver to match the Arkadius theme colors.


kater_03Stage #4 warcaster/solo

I again went with warcaster, this time though not just for thunderdome prep, but also because I liked the look of a second theme force, Midas’s theme that allows for full corpse token’d bone swarms.  I played a game and was pleasantly surprised by the little swarms, though they really benefited from having full corpse tokens to start.  This might see more work in the future.


Stage #5  well to be honest I messed up and for some reason thought stage 5 was a heavy beast, and by the time I caught my mistake(by actually checking notes) I already had gotten a Road Hog painted up during a bi weekly hobby night that the local community has been holding.  So without further ado a Road Hog, two stages ahead of schedule


The real stage #5 and real stage #6  Light beasts

I chose two goraxes for my next stages and got some work done on them during hobby night which is what you will see below.  I haven’t touched them since


At this point I will admit to having some problems, first was the change in color scheme, which while I like it and think it pops, the enormity of repainting all of my current pigs is getting to me.  To get con ready the I am looking at repainting and rebasing 30+ models on top of getting my other models done, which albeit is a low count.  Next a new book came out and there is a lot going in there, some of it exciting for pigs, some of it exciting for gators, and even some of it exciting for my troll force, plus the allure of other factions.  My ADD is going off hardcore at this point, and while I am not one to lose to a challenge, I am for now shelving the Fez chase, but the bug will hit again, I know it, cause bacon reasons.