Farrow Brigand Warlord

There are some people out there who just can’t see the glorious hamminess of the Thornfall Alliance, who don’t hear the trot of little… well, trotters… as the Farrow march to war. All they hear is discordant squee’ing, and that’s okay. They’re allowed to be wrong.

For those who cam see the joy of bipedal pif men with rudimentary firearms, this month sees a new toy in the arsenal.

The Farrow Brigand Warlord, here to give your Farrow Brigands a little kick in the keister.

Three components. THREE!!! So simple, Lord Carver doesn’t even need Dr Arkadius to put it together… or does he??

Two pig irons, dual-wielded, with Gunfighter. Your Warlord is set to do some damage at range, or he can bring them to bear in melee if he wants two initial attacks. The concave neck cavity is set to receive the head.

You’ll notice on the rear of the model that there’s a divot where the straps meet in the middle of the back; when you’re granting your unit Gang, you might decide you want to swing with an effective MAT 9 P+S14 rather than using the guns. Your axe will be waiting right there until you need it.

The beauty of this shot, other than showing you loosely how the components will fit together, is that it’s a gentle reminder to look up Privateer’s gallery if you’re not entirely certain how components are supposed to go together. Apparently I felt like the axe head needed to be high when I was taking this shot, but a quick check online proved the error of my ways…

Sometimes I love working in a limited palette… Mounted as usual on a Dragon Forge base, I’m very happy with the Farrow Warlord’s rusty pig irons and armour.

And here you can see the axe hanging properly, and explaining why his left forearm is armoured – so he doesn’t have to worry about accidental amputation if he swings his arm back there 😉

The Farrow Brigand Warlord is an October release and attaches to any Farrow Brigand unit. Check your FLGS, enjoy the revenge of the bacon.