MortymerXT: Making your Unleashed Character

georgeavatarWell once again we are making a role playing character from the Iron Kingdoms, however this time we are going to make a character from Unleashed!  It is an interesting system, adding a bit more wildness to the already established Iron Kingdoms role play setting.   It is perhaps not entirely appropriate for younger players given the rather graphic and gruesome abilities that some of the character classes have.

So let’s get this process started!

Step 1. – Choose a Race!  First step is to choose a race.  This will define your characters stats, Archetype choices, languages, height, weight, and any of your races special abilities.  One critique here is that Trollkin have significantly more options in terms of race restricted character classes.  This may be something you want to consider when starting your character creation process.  However don’t let that stop you from playing another race, there are lots of interesting choices for everyone.

In our example we are going to choose Gatorman (Well Gatorwoman actually).

Step 2. – Choose your Archetype!  For those unfamiliar with the IKRPG system, an archetype is generally how your character plays and what class options are available to you.  Example;  if you want a magic user, then you want to pick Gifted, if you’re looking for a melee combat specialist, you’re probably going to want Mighty.  A brief description of the options is detailed below;

  1. Cunning – Intelligent and devious, a planner.
  2. Gifted – Capacity to work magic! (Have to pick if you want to play a caster)
  3. Mighty – Strong and resilient.
  4. Skilled – Quick, nimble, and dexterous.

Archetypes give you one special ability, and also allows you to choose one of the special archetype benefits, you can choose more as you level up through game play.

Our example character is going to choose Gifted so she can use magic!

Step 3. – Choose Your Classes!  In Iron Kingdoms all characters start out with two character classes.  This can represent things your character has done in the past, like Oracle, and perhaps what they are doing now; Brigand.  It allows you to take different options, you can go super heavy into magic and take two spell casting classes, or take one caster and a melee class to make yourself a little more rounded.

All classes list any prerequisites, including race, archetype, and Starting Career Only, so if you want one of those make sure to pick it up at the start!  Your character choices give you a list of some starting gear and money, as well as all your skills, abilities, spells (if any), and connections.  You will need to make some choices in terms of which skills and spells you want as you often get a choice between two or more.

NOTE:  If you have the same skill across both your character classes, as an example Unarmed Combat, you add them together when determining your starting skills.  So your character would start out with Unarmed Combat 2 (Plus 1 for both characters.)  This works the same for starting money and gear as well.

For our girl, we are going to pick a Bokor (Necromancer), and Warrior.  So yeah she can cast dark magic and smash faces!

Step 4ikrpgspiral. – Increase your stats and fill your Life Spiral!

You get 3 advancement points to spend on your primary and secondary attributes.  This is your opportunity to make your character, bigger, or stronger, or faster, or smarter than the norm!  Note that you can only increase an attribute to the limit for your race and level.  Sorry no supermen!

Filling out your life spiral is fairly straight forward.  You simply shade out those boxes you don’t need based on the primary attribute as listed.

In our example above this Human character started with an Agility of 2, and Intellect of 3 and a Physique of 4.

Step 5. – Pick your Additional Gear! – You may want to pick up a few extra things for your character.  This is when you spend those gold coins you received with your character class choices.  Make sure to check with your Game Master about what things you can and cannot take.  Some GMs might want to limit certain things in their games.

Step 6. – The Flesh and Bones! – This is the point where the mechanical stuff of your character is in place, you have a race, an archetype, and a couple character classes.  You have a backpack full of gear and a few coins left in your pocket.  But who are you?  Why are you undertaking this adventure?  What is the purpose of the mangled teddy bear hidden in the bottom of your pack?

You may want to take this opportunity to read through the “fluff” in the rule book.  Get a good idea of where your character is from, and start figuring out who they are and what is their motivation.

And that is the quick and dirty of making a character in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed!  Stay tuned for the next article where I flesh out our Gatorman Bokor from the examples.