Soul Trappers

It’s Tuesday, I’m still recovering from the weekend and trying to catch up on all the things, and heck, you got TWO posts yesterday morning! Spoiled rotten, you lot…

Just a quick one today, the Soul Trappers. You have no idea how much I want to see Trapper John, MD, wearing purple velour right now…

… yeah, I can’t explain it either. When it comes to models that are reinvigorating the meta for Cryx, though, you really can’t go past these guys.

Two to a blister, because Privateer Press like to make us feel special.

Each of the Soul Trappers is identical, though with their primary arms as separate pieces you’ve got a little leeway in posing.

The circular indentations on the carapace are for the primary arms; otherwise you’ve got a whole Dr Evil Petting His Cat thing going on here. Seems appropriate. The detail on these is really quite sweet.

On the left we have the Thinking pose, as the Soul Trapper wonders why its jaw won’t close. On the right, the Olympic Flame pose, showing the glorious light of the flaming soul.

Lost painter Gaspy opted instead for the “Ten Pin Bowling” pose, which, frankly,works quite nicely.

Soul Trappers available now at your FLGS, you probably don’t even have to conduct some sort of arcane ritual to get them. Probably. I mean, I don’t know your FLGS, you  may need to ritualistically pour a slushie onto the floor or something.