Technically, Dragon Forge wants to Goth you up.

Ah, Monday… the day after Thanksgiving for our American Losties, and of course, we can sit  back and count the scars on the Black Friday shoppers, tip our hat to the Small Business Saturday supporters, and raise a glass with the Cyber Monday armchair enthusiasts. While there were some excellent bargoons on the table, some of them didn’t end on the weekend. For example, if you’re a fan of Lost sponsor Dragon Forge Design’s resin bases (and why the smeg wouldn’t you be, they’re the  best resin bases on the market and good value for money), then you may have caught onto some of their more recent kickstarters, helping them to expand their base selections to give you more variety within their ranges and to generally spiff things up.  dfks1

Last week the newest kickstarter launched, expanding on the super-schmexy Goth-Tech range. I’ve used this one for my Drop Bears (because Menoth knows I’d never admit to playing Cygnar). They’re a great blend of steampunk victoriana, with cobblestones crossed by bolted cables, steel deck plating with grills, massive gears and other embellishments. The beauty of it all – as it standard with all of Dragon Forge’s bases – is that the detail accents the models mounted on them rather than overpowering them. Let your paintwork shine on the model, highlighted by a gorgeous, easy to paint base, without the eye being drawn away from all of your hard work on the model itself.


The Kickstarter is offering bases in all sizes commonly used in Warmachine/Hordes, right up to a new 120mm that I’ll be looking at for my new definitely-not-Cygnaran colossal when it’s released, as well as an 80mm base which will be perfect for players of Relic Knights. Backing the kickstarter gives you credit to purchase a selection of bases that will suit your personal army needs at a discounted price – that is, everything shown on the kickstarter is cheaper than the price the bases will be available for once they’re released to the general public.


And yes, there’s a full range of bevel edge bases for players of Infinity, Warmhammer 40K, and other such games that don’t embrace the glory of the round lip base 😉

Adding to the niftiness, having funded in less than 24 hours, this is a done deal – the Goth-Tech range is expanding, and you can help push into the stretch goals and score yourself some bases at a discounted price.

Seems quite sensible to me, really. You can get to the kickstarter by clicking any of the three images above, or this word right here: Kumquat.