Warmachine Tactics Festivities! Contest Time!

Merry Festivus! Christmakwanzukkah! As of today we’re ONE MONTH before most of us get a a few days off work and those of us with kids get to try to figure out how to entertain them for a few weeks while they’re out of school! So let me ask you this…

So.. how’d you like to Jingle up your Warmachine Tactics?

Thanks to those spiffy folks over at Whitemoon Dreams, we have a handful of codes to deck out Warmachine’s jolliest fat man in more seasonally appropriate swag! Well, maybe “jolliest” isn’t the best term, but “homicidalest” isn’t actually a real word…


We’d like to help you bring out the spirit of the season on your games of Warmachine Tactics by giving you the skin code for Jingle Butcher! Trouble is, we only have a limited supply, and we want to make sure they go to good homes. To that end…


We want  you want you to send us a screenshot that shows us how your favourite Tactics models like to celebrate the season. Sorscha spreading icicles on the Christmas Trencher? Deathjack roasting on an open fire? It’s up to you how you interpret the holidays in the Iron Kingdoms, share with us your vision!

We have ten – 10! – skin codes waiting to find their way onto your hard drives. All you have to do is send us your pretty pretty pictures at submissions@losthemisphere.com before December 15th. We’ll pick ten lucky souls and help you make your Christmas all the more smashtastic!!