Some time ago our friends at Privateer Press launched a new initiative, a new program, kicking the door down into the world of online publishing with Skull Island eXpeditions. One of the first books released was penned by Miles Holmes, and it not only gave us an insight into the origins of the political situation that left Llael open for the Khadoran invasion, it also made many a Morrowan fanboy squee with the concept of a very special Hunter warjack attuned to the gunslinging warcaster Caine.

Even as a devout Menite, I could appreciate how cool Ace was…

… and now you can too.

Ace is a beautifully lithe model made of metal and resin, making him lighter than previous Hunter warjacks and, truth be told, much easier to assemble. Of course, now that he has a resin component…

… please be careful when working with resin. Take safety precautions.

With the torso being resin, the extremities are metal – arms, legs, head. Predictably, the head nestles in under its collar nicely.

Keyed holes mean the legs are easily positioned to ensure that the model will pose on the base correctly; also means the model won’t pivot at the hips once assembled.

Keyed armpits mean the arms will position properly as well. So easy! Much convenient!

Ace’s axe is variant on the standard Hunter axe… prettier in the very least 😉

Ace’s Rune Shot Cannon doesn’t pierce armour in the same manner as a Hunter’s Long Arm, but with Caine at the helm three different arcane shells help the warjack make it’s mark.

Lost painter Tuna (or Saint, or Nick – heck, let’s be seasonal – Saint Nick) painted up Ace to run with the Drop Bears. Are you prepared?

Ace is available to join your filthy Morrowan army of Cygnarans now, I’m sure your local game store will be happy to help you embrace your heresy before the adherents of the True Faith storm forth from the Protectorate teach you all what’s what.