Blighted Nyss Archers & Swordsmen

A couple of years ago, as part of one of our Templecon charity fundraisers, I painted up (with the assistance of the lovely Plarzoid) Rhyas’ Rear Guard theme force, which included a unit of Blighted Nyss Swordsmen. While I’d never been a huge fan of the Legion of Everblight’s aesthetic, there was just something about those models that I really enjoyed.  They were way more fun to paint than I’d expected.

So of course, Privateer just *had* to do a resculpt to spite me. Ladies and Gentlelost, the grunts of the Legion of Everblight are now available in a handy multi-unit plastic kit.

As with many of the multi-unit kits, prepare yourself to spend some time sorting out plastic components from little baggies.

Four different poses is the norm for 10-man units now, three of each grunt and a unit leader who, in this case, distinguishes himself by having a large round thing between his legs. Oh, those cheeky Nyss…

Given the track record some of the plastics have had in the past, and the multi-paneled nature of Nyss armour, I was a little concerned about mold lines, but, well, see for yourself. A little trimming to be done to clean up the right boot, and of course the channel plug will need to be trimmed off and smoothed, but damn if that isn’t some pretty clean casting. My concerns were quickly allayed!

Should you decide to make yourself a unit of Archers, you’l find an array of bows, quivers, and bent arms to totally up the twang quotient of your army. Is this the point where I make note that these models could be very handy for making IKUnleashed characters?

If slashing is more your style, you’ve got just as many components to consider! Sword arms, off-hands gripping the hilts, and scabbards to sling across backs at improbably angles. While the need to match wrists with sword hilts means there isn’t as much posability as with the Archers, you can still go to town.

And then there’s ALL THE HEADS! Because, you know, options… Mix and match to your heart’s content, and then use the spares to scatter around Goreshade2’s epic base.

Now, this is the point where we’d usually show you a painted model, but as we get closer and closer to CaptainCon and our annual charity fundraiser more and more things need to be added to the prize pile so that we can do our best to raise as much as possible for our charity beneficiary. You will be coming, won’t you?

Blighted Nyss Archers/Blighted Nyss Swordsmen are a multi-unit plastic kit now available to make your Legion of Everblight that much more lethal. Your FLGS is probably hiding them from you because they’re scared of your potential once you start fielding mass hordes of Nyss…