Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar

This blog post brought to you by… TEA!

Continuing what some folks have been referring to as Troll Christmas (which is patently absurd, the concept of a fat man in a red suit with white fur trim is clearly a Khadoran thing and results in bloodshed), today we’re taking a quick look at the Pyg Bushwhacker Officer and Mortar.

Now, I will go on record stating that I’m a fan of the Bushwhackers, have been for some time, even before Gunnbjorn came along and could snipe a unit with Advanced Deployment that could unload a volley 10″ away from your opponent’s board edge with Snipe on them, but now they’re just that much more delicious, and not because they’ve got a mobile artillery piece that isn’t hampered by Artillery rules…

Given that they’re pygs, the component count is low… that said, the Mortar itself comes in as many pieces as the Officer 😉

His right hand, complete with pointy finger, is a separate component, as is the long rifle which ends up strapped across his back. I don’t know about you, but this model is darn near perfect for an Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG character.

This guy, less RPG suitable, but bloody hilarious.

The mortar is a three piece ensemble, with a bipod, barrel and base plate. Bbbbb…

Lost painter The Great Gaspy gave his UA a cartoony look that I love. Thankfully, he’s not playing Trolls lately, so I don’t have to worry about seeing these goons any time soon…

On the other hand, Northblade has to worry about Jawn dropping these two troublemakers across from him. Run, Jamie, Run!

The Pyg Bushwhacker Officer and Mortar are available from your FLGS, if you stare at them meaningfully enough.