Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet

After my rabble the other week about Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet, and how he’s NOT the end times (that was that other game, and heck, Warmachine already has a Harbinger, and other prophets), it’s time to unpack the box and stroll through the bits and bobs that make up the model.

Privateer continues to produce some of the most characterful models in the gaming industry, especially with their Trollbloods line, and their dedication to giving us the shiniest stuff they can out of their in-house facilities means we have a gorgeous pile of metal and resin components to show you today.

It’s like whoever was packing the box knew I’d want to separate the pieces…

There are two separate models in the kit, but let’s start with the big man himself. Four components. FOUR! Joys of resin casting!

Check the cleanness of that detail. Love it. So much opportunity for cool stonework or glow effects, depending on your personal bent. Also, that spiky chin… Given his earlier incarnations, I’m inclined to think there are Trollkin barbers in most kriels armed with an angle grinder a la Hellboy.

The detail continues on the back, carved leather and runestones. You’ll note, on the strap below his right shoulder, his dedication to DC Comics’ Tim Drake.

Resin on resin means beautiful flowy trailing skirt/robe/capeness with more runestones. Seriously, how does a decrepit old sod like Doomshaper carry around that much rock?

His left and is the only metal component on his model, and if you wear 3-D glasses, it totally looks like he’s reaching out to grab you. Or your oreos. Man, you gotta protect those oreos.

His right arm is holding aloft his Kriel Stadd, with the head made from shattered pieces of krielstone and the foot of the staff being some poor gribbly’s tooth. Or one of his chin spokes that fell off, it’s kinda hard to tell.

What isn’t hard to tell is that Jawn (Tervijawn on the Tweeterz) did an amazing job painting him up, from beautiful glow effects to crisp quitari. Who’s the prettiest Doomshaper in town? Damn straight…

But what about his attendant scrollbearers? One pyg – we’ll call him Hefty Smurf – and a whelp make up the second model. Most of it is a single component – Hefty gere, with the main scroll. You’ll notice the odd series of indents on top of the scroll case; these are perfectly spaced for the whelp – we’ll call him Pretentious Smurf – to stand in.

From behind we can see that Hefty’s rump is a little oddly shaped, but that’s because there’s another resin component to pop in there. It wasn’t enough that Doomshaper made him lug around that enormous scroll case…

No, he has to drag two more along behind him everywhere he goes.

Seriously, we should write to Hefty’s union rep or something.

Pretentious Smurf is made of two metal components, and when he grows up he wants to be a Dire Prophet.

The right hand joins, predicably, at the right wrist. This is the only part of the entire kit I’d be worried about pinning, given the smaller contact point and weight of the metal scroll.

Behold, as Pretentious Smurf and his scroll take position. Of course, this is all dry-fitting, so it doesn’t 100% pop into place – balancing the scroll there without actually gluing the wrist connection made that impossible – but once once it’s in the hands of the final modeller/painter, you can see the magic come to life…

BAM! Hefty and Pretentious, looking stunning once again thanks to the work of Jawn. Beautiful, subtle weathering and highlighting on the scroll case helps us ignore the fact that Hefty’s crotch is covered by an upside-down smiley face.

Take a moment to enjoy the fine detail of the freehand script on the scroll. Then pretend, just for a moment, that you don’t know how to read the runes, and that they don’t start with “Dear Ordboy Magazine, I never dreamed this would happen to me, but…”

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet, was a November release from Privateer Press, and is keen to make your opponents weep as he goes into the third hour of reciting Homer’s Orgothiad. Bug your FLGS, and enjoy the nifty.