Unleashed GM Toolkit & Catacomb Tiles

The Iron Kingdoms RPG series has consistently impressed with its high quality publications and aids. Full Metal Fantasy started it off, followed by Urban Adventures and Kings, Nations & Gods. The Unleashed Adventure Kit broke new ground with models and tiles accompanying its introductory scenario, establishing a new baseline for roleplaying in Western Immoren by adding directly to the gameplay experience as well as introducing a new level of savagery to the tabletop.

Now we get to ramp it up that much further with the IK Unleashed Game Master Toolkit and the IK Unleashed Catacomb Tiles.

As with the IK:FMF GM kit, opening the package and unfolding the screen reveals goodies inside! It’s like Christmas! Wait… that just happened…

The heavyweights of the additions are the four new double-sided adventure tiles that can be combined in myriad formations to form maps for your heroes to play on. This is important, because…

You get a Scenario in the toolkit as well. Can your team of adventurers restore the broken seals originally laid by the Circle Orboros to keep ancient evil at bay? It’s a good thing you have those adventure tiles! Helping you further…

Dry-erase health trackers and initiative cards just make life that much easier for everyone. Meanwhile, the DM can hide behind…

The screen! The main frontage shows the IK Unleashed cover art, with the two wings portraying Tharn Bloodtrackers and a Gatorman temple. On the flipside, though…

A plethora of charts, tables, and handy reference notes for:

  • Injury
  • Temporary Effects
  • Fear
  • Exhaustion
  • Grappling
  • Melee, Ranged and Magic modifiers
  • Forcing and Frenzying Warbeasts
  • Skill indices
  • Charts for Survival, Sneak, Swimming, Deception, Jumping, Medicine, Climbing
  • Setting target numbers
  • Player Actions (inc Initiative, Movement, Quick Actions)
  • Feat Points

So many handy facts at your fingertips… but wait! There’s more! Today we’re looking at TWO IK Unleashed supplements…

Alright, so there’s not a lot to be said about the Catacomb Tiles in themselves, BUT they bring the tile-based mapset concept that debuted with the IK Unleashed Adventure Kit underground. Now you can take your heroes dungeon-delving.

Of course, there’s no reason to limit your thinking to the Unleashed line. Your (mostly) human adventurers from IKRPG: Full Metal Fantasy can make use of these tiles representing an Urban catacomb just as easily as they could be an Orgoth crypt out in the wilds.

And if you  happen to have purchased the Undercity board game, you’ll have an array of small walls and scenery pieces to customise the catacombs further! Oh, the possibilities…

I… um… It’s… So Glowy…

Supplements like the Skorne Empire book add depth to the world of IK Unleashed; tools like these add depth to your gameplay experience. The Game Master Toolkit and the Catacomb Tiles are both excellent additions to your Unleashed Arsenal. Play like you’ve got a pair… of somebody else’s, because you tore them off and handed them to the Bone Grinder to see if he could make anything useful out of them.