Is there anything freakier than taking a stroll through a field, smiling as the butterflies flit from wildflower to wildflower, contemplating that, while you are indeed loyal to Leto’s throne, you really do think the Protectorate is onto something when they say Morrowans are all heretics, when suddenly there’s a rumble at your feet and a Helldiver breaks the surface in a spray of topsoil and wild grasses and the occasional earthworm, lands in front of you and creaks “Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Master Toruk?” right before it brandishes its claws and attempts to help you lose weight by the less-than-surgical removal of a limb or two, and a large chunk of your midriff?

Okay, there’s probably some things freakier than that, but you have to admit, it’d totally be a thing. Meanwhile, imagine it’s even bigger than a Helldiver and has extra spiky shoulderpads.


Barathrum comes in ALL THE BITS, a happy blend of resin and metal sure to put a smile on your face when you realise this rather chunky helljack is NOT going to push your army transport solution over the hernia level when you lift it.

The torso is crisp, clean, and according to the monogram in the arm socket, belongs to Peter Parker. Apparently Spider-Man plays Cryx, who the heck new?

The arms terminate in a ball joint which nestles nicely into the socket as whichever creative angle you choose. Just be mindful that your shoulderpad will be able to sit on top. Test fit, you wild and crazy kids! Of note, aside from the resin channels and a couple of tags, it’s beautifully cast.

Now, imagine he’s swinging from a chandelier, and singing hit tunes from Phantom of the Opera. Michael Crawford’s been awfully quiet lately…

And you get to enormous, jagged slashy things to go on either side of the head.

A selection of spines run down the shoulders and forearms, and two metal legs round out Barathrum in all his gribbliness.

Barathrum’s groovy dynamic posing make him a sod to photograph cleanly. Lost painter Tuna (you can tune a piano, but you can’t piano Nick!) tackled the painting chores on old shovelhands.

I’ll yell at Tuna for not finishing the base next time. Unless, of course, the idea is a basalt field littered with aquarium gravel. Clearly, it was a volcanic peak freshly risen amidst the Scharde Isles. You’ll probably find a cuttlefish in there.

Barathrum’s name is a lot of fun to say, and you can find  him at your FLGS. Support your FLGS!!!

One Response to Barathrum

  1. Looks like a great model for Cryx.

    Though when I read the name, the only way I seem to be able to use it in a sentence is “Is there a Barathrum I can use?”