CaptainCon Charity Update

Hah! I totally lulled you into a false sense of security, leaving the Charity reminder/update this late in the week. You were all “He’s forgotten” and “He’s won’t do it til next week” and “Where’d that block of cheese go?” and I’m all “Hah! I’ll post it (*nom nom tasty cheddar*) on Thursday (*nom nom tasty cheddar*), that’ll fool em! (*nom nom*)”.

So yes, today’s post is to remind you of our impending fundraiser at CaptainCon in LESS THAN A MONTH! We are, of course, raising funds for Rosie’s Place, and as with previous years the table will be full of prizes from our sponsors, an assortment of supporters, the Losties, and you, gaming public. To say that I’m humbled every year by the contributions from everyone is a radical understatement. That our annual fundraiser has become such a huge community event with support from so many angles is just amazing to me, and every year it’s such an amazing thing for the Losties and the New England Privateers that we can turn your generosity around and present the funds raised to our chosen charities, making a huge impact on their budgets and helping them make a difference for those who truly need it.

Today I’m showing off some contributions from local uberpainter Kyle “X” Stratford. Kyle is a very humble and unassuming individual, but every time he presents a model it’s like his brushes and paints have combined to make him into Painting Voltron, forming Blazing Brush to smite my own paintjobs with beautiful blends, subtle weathering, and a dash of panache. No, not the shampoo. Kyle has given us a number of models in the past for the fundraisers, including the Dannon Blythe & Bull that were given away in our very first Templecon fundraiser all those years ago. This year, we have three lots for you to ogle…

Troll battle group

Madrak Ironhide, World Ender, is ostensibly an infantry-centric warlock, but if you decide you want to equip him with an entire battlegroup including an Earthborn, a Bomber, a Mauler, an Axer and a Bouncer, I’m not going to stop you. Very metal…

Brun and Lug

Of the minion warlocks, the only reason Brun & Lug don’t make it into more of my lists is that they don’t play for the Retribution of Ios. I should totally send a letter to the whoever’s in charge of Rhul at large and see if I can get special dispensation.


For those of you who only have one spare cell in your army transport solution, there’s even a single model lot… Savio Acosta, who can’t decide if he’s a Mercenary or a Cygnaran and who is definitely a Thamarite, despite the propoganda, stands ready to add another Weapon Master to Cygnar’s arsenal. It’s almost like they wish they had Exemplar Knights!

These three lots will be on the prize table for the fundraiser at CaptainCon, and the evening of Saturday 6th some lucky folk will be adding them to their own personal collections. Huge thanks to Kyle for his generous donation not only of models, but also of his painting time and talent.

Do you have something you’d like to add to the table, to help us raise funds as part of this year’s charity efforts? Drop me a line at and we’ll see what we can set up.