Once upon a time there was a very filthy Morrowan named Sebastian Nemo. He did all sorts of round-ear things and played with electricity to the extent that even Crazy Harry was nervous. His ways were clearly evil and heretical.Thankfully, the good folk of Ios, noble and true, knew what it was that this Nemo fellow was about, and House Vyre – makers of fine and excellent myrmidons, perfectly suited for the defense of Ios and now available to the Retribution of Scyrah for a modest investment – has turned its efforts to providing the Electromancers who teach those silly humans how electricity is *supposed* to be used. Zap Zap Pew!

The House Vyre Electromancers are a squad of three Iosan … well, electromancers. They’re only single wound, and you’re paying 4 pts for three guys who can be popped by a single shot, with low DEF and low ARM. This means you’ll be looking to other elements of your army to screen them.


Once they get within 16″ though, they can walk up and start unleashing voltage hell on the Round Ears. Unlike the Cygnaran Stormcallers, Electromancers attack with a 10″ range POW 12 Ranged Attack, with three attack options. The fact that it’s a Ranged Attack means that you can potentially aim for an attack buff, or take advantage of spells like Snipe, or Ravyn and Ossyan’s feats.

Energy Leak is reminiscent of the Greylords – each hit reduces a Warjack’s focus allocation allowance by one. All three hit the same target, no focus for it! Lightning Generator arcs from the target and leaps through d3 nearby models. Pulse Fire causes d3 POW12 damage rolls rather than one. That means the Electromancer unit can theoretetically unload up to 9 POW12’s on a single target.

While they’re only MAT5, the Electromancers can still cause a little havoc for warjacks. Their Storm Inducers are P+S11, magic weapons with Reach, and on a hit they do an automatic 1pt of damage to the target’s cortex, before making the damage roll.

Oh, hey, there’s a model with components! Each Electromancer comes in five components, which seems a lot for a model with only one wound, but heck, we’ve seen stranger things, and components have no direct correlation to point cost.


I painted a thing! Now I need to paint two more, so I can unleash zappy heck on the round-ears…

The House Vyre Electromancers are available now. Harangue your local round-eared FLGS staff until they acknowledge the superiority of Iosan technology and sell you some.