Hand of Judgment

As Privateer Press releases more Character Warjacks and Warbeasts, I love how each brings the flavour of their Warcaster into an armoured shell. Models like Scourge of Heresy and Triumph are essentially their owners in warjack form, bringing some of their tricks to lists that would normally be missing those tricks. Then there are models like Moros and Thorn, who accent their owners’ abilities… and then there’s models like Ace, who are okay in themselves but become explosive niftiness when paired with their owner.

I’ve yet to decide just where Hand of Judgment falls on the spectrum. His Affinity is definitely a good one for a warjack with an 8″ Auto-Fire Spray, but his abilities are quite solid with other warcasters as well.

Get on with it!!

Much like Barathrum, who we showed off earlier in the week, Hand of Judgment has a whole bunch of resin components, and some metal add-ons. More metal than Barathrum, mind you.

The entirety of the lower torso and leg structure is metal, including the obligatory loincloth to protect Hand’s modesty. It’s still appropriately filigreed, of course.

One of the chunkier heads in the Protectorate, Hand of Judgment’s head includes extra space for running Sudoku subroutines.

Each of Hand’s armoured shoulders has the ball and the shoulderpad as a single piece. A quick look-see and  you’ll spot the recesses under the lip of the shoulderpads for you to attach the drapes from. These are actually small curtains soaked in aromatic herbs and spices, so that when Hand of Judgment marches to war you can’t smell his armpits. Dude has a problem.


The Flame Of Truth is his mace. Not his flamethrower. That’d be the Immolator Cannon. Note that Hand of Judgment clearly channels the flavour of the Avatar of Menoth – The Flame of Truth has Reach.

The upper carapace has shaped pegs to go into each of his furnace exhausts, and a boiler plate to go on … the … boiler. Yes, it’s obvious. How many of you are even reading these captions, and not just looking to see the components? Banana shoes. Banana shoes. Banana shoes.

Flanking the exhausts are what may be my favourite resin components ever. These two beautifully cast back banners will make Hand of Judgment a centrepiece of your army. I really can’t stress how much I love these banners. Yes, I admit, it may just because of my inner Menite tendecies.

Sadly I don’t have a painted Hand of Judgment to show you, because he’s going into the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool. That means he’ll either turn up on the raffle table at CaptainCon, or some lucky soul is going to win him, possibly as part of Paint The Target down the line. He *is* available in stores though. If you have a burgeoning desire to set Khadorans ablaze, talk to your FLGS.