Impending Connage

I know I’ve rabbited on about CaptainCon a few times recently (and will continue to do so for the next few weeks – you should see the models Spud’s told me he’s donating to the fundraiser!), but those good lads at Privateer Press nicely reminded us that there’s a couple of other events on the immediate horizon for those unable to hit up Rhode Island in early February.

Those of you who like the sound of dice can enjoy… the sound of EVEN MORE dice at the Las Vegas Open, February 5-7 – THE EXACT SAME WEEKEND AS CAPTAINCON! Madness, I know, but it means you have your pick of conventions to support that weekend. Only one of them has the Lost Hemisphere Fundraiser, granted, but Vegas is slightly less likely to have snow, so make of that what you will. You’ll find many exciting things at the Las Vegas Open, including stuff supported by Lost sponsors KR Multicase and Broken Egg Games.

Across the pond, later in the month, we have Smogcon! Feb 19-21 over in Sunny Old England, where you can no doubt find Kev Bryant and Mike Chomyk planning the downfall of Ios, those bastards. You can also find… this…


I think it goes without saying that this MUST join my pin collection, to be placed on my pin board opposite Rorsh & Brine.

Somebody help me make this happen…