January 2016 Errata

I totally had plans to spend tonight gaming and painting, but apparently Privateer decided to bless us with a new Errata! Personally, I love it when a new errata drops. It means that those in power have been paying attention to how the meta is developing, whether some models or themes have turned out to be a little too overpowered or underpowered, and everything gets a little nudge back towards solid balance.

This is one of the biggest selling points for me in choosing Warmachine as my preferred tabletop miniature wargame. Every faction gets new toys on a reasonably regular cycle, and there is active effortto maintain and reinforce game balance. I can’t stress that last point enough, especially when looking at some of the other major players in the industry. Sure, not every change in an errata document or rule change is going to meet with the roaring support of the masses – Menoth knows I loved being able to run Dartan Vilmon and still active Impervious Wall before MkII invalidated that – but every change is made with though, testing, and an eye to make the game more fun and enjoyable and playable for everyone.

Bearing that in mind, an overview of new changes from yesterday’s errata document:

Clarifications & Corrections:

Double-Hand Throw –
Large and Huge Base models add 1″ to throw distance when throwing a small based model

Hand of Judgment
Immunity: Fire. This is correctly stated in Warmachine: Reckoning, but was not printed on the initial card run.

Gargantuan Power Attack Cards
– The Glacier King, Mountain King, Storm Raptor, Woldwrath, Desert Hydra, Mammoth, Archangel and Blightbringer all have their power attack cards updated to confirm that the need an active weapon in the arc if they wish to use Sweep.

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet
– Hoarluk gains Officer, the model types are clarified, and his subtype now confirms that he’s a Warlock Unit

– Range on the Woldwarden’s Wild Growth corrected from SELF to *

Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight
– The twins are clarified to be a Warlock Unit

Bog Trog Trawler
– The Trawler is clarified to work for Circle, Legion, Skorne and Trollbloods

Splatter Boar
– The Boar’s Psychoactive Gas’ timing is clarified. You can’t force an opposing beast to frenzy on your turn; it frenzies at the start of the owner’s turn.


Theme Force Adjustments:

Wold War (Bradigus theme force, Hordes Exigence)
– Tier 3 benefit, previously Sentry Stones begin with 3 Fury, now add +1 to  your starting roll

Evolutionary Elemetalism (Calandra theme force, NQ49)
– Tier 1 and Tier 4 benefits switched. Now at tier 1 you can start with one of your animi affecting your entire army for the first turn, and at tier 4 all of your warbeasts in Calandra’s battlegroup get a 1pt cost reduction. Note, the tier 4 requirement it to field a Mountain King, which will also gain the benefit of the tier.


Model Adjustments:

Man-O-War Bombardiers
– Bombardiers gain Combined Range Attack. Effective RAT 10 POW 19 3″AoE with arcing fire? Okay!

Pistol Wraith
– Chain Attack: Death Chill has been replaced by Chain Attack: Stationary. Keeps it simple.

Dawnguard Destors
– Destors gain Quick Work. Given that they don’t so have lances as they do lance-rifles, this makes sense to me.

Trollkin Runeshapers
– The Tremor attack (Magic attack roll, knocks down all hit targets within 2″ of the Runeshaper, can be used on a charge) is replaced with Tremble (Special attack targetting the runeshaper, place a 3″ AoE, all other models in the AoE knocked down). So… a smaller area of effect, can’t be used on a charge, but no longer cares a whit about the DEF of the other models. Interesting…

Trollkin Warders
 Trollkin Warders lose Weapon Master. This may he the hardest swing of the nerf bat for the Trolls, but to honest, I’m not unhappy to see it. There was almost no reason to field any other unit. Battle driven still makes them P+S 12, and they still become the ARM19 reach tarpits we all know and love.

Extoller Advocate
– The Extoller apparently remembered that he hangs around with dead guys all day long, and gained Fearless

Molik Karn
– Molik’s affinity with Makeda is now no longer restricted to her Control Area  

Praetorian Karax
– Continuing the Skorne buffs, Karax gain Set Defense


In the end the Trolls took some nerfs, and the Skorne got a couple of boosts, and I’m sitting here wondering if I’ll pack my Destors for CaptainCon in three weeks… Read over the errata (LINK!), be reminded that these thing aren’t knee-jerk reactions, and that they’re for the good of the game as a whole. Enjoy.