Legends of Halaak

Character units have been a thing since the Black 13th were released back in Mk1 for Cygnar. Some are much-maligned but still able to find homes in lists, like Visgoth Juviah Rhoven and his bodyguards, while others have had seasons where they’ve bordered on auto-includes, such as the Great Bears of Gallowswood.

When Hordes: Devastation was released and word leaked that the Skorne Empire was getting a character unit named the Legends of Halaak, I initially had visions in my head of a trio of Immortals or Ancestral Guardians, or possible a triptych of Mini-Xerxis’, so it took me a moment to refocus on these deadly little  pointy eared maniacs and now I’m left pondering just which off the three is my favourite.



Let’s start with J’Deth, who I initially ranked highest. coming in five components, including an amazing stride, and armed with a pair of maces that immediately put me in mind of Hogun the Grim (my favourite of the Warriors Three from Marvel’s Asgardian mythology, J’Deth grants the squad Relentless Charge, making this one of the few self-contained units in Skorne that have Pathfinder.


Now, add on that J’Deth, as a * Attack, gets Combo Smite – the ability to charge anyone and just slam them into a wall or over whatever was sheltering behind it – is huge. It’s the reason I’ve always been such a huge fan of House Shyeel Magisters.


Next is Cidaar, who almost wins purely on her name alone. I love me some apple cider. First person to paint her up with an apple somewhere on the model (or at least on the base) wins a no-prize.

Cidaar will be critical to the survival of the team. Defensive Strike with her Naginata is nothing to be sneered at, but granting the trio Synchronicity means that they’ll have effective DEF 17. As someone who’s spent a lot of time playing around with Shifting Sands Stance, I can confirm that DEF 17 is a thing.


And then there’s Valgesh. Leader of the three, he comes with the most components (including two scabbards to hang empty, which I personally thing is a very neat touch), he has the standard Praetorian Combo Smite, but he also grants the unit Side Step. While Cidaar may not get a lot of use out of it (but then again, who knows), both Valgesh and J’Deth having two melee attacks apiece means that Side Step can open up some potential vectors to outflank your foe.

The Legends of Halaak – in stores this month – give you the opportunity to add to their story as they carve their way through enemy lines in an effort to showcase their dedication to the hoksunecode. Are you worthy?