Ninja Steve: Hobby Year Resolutions

ninjasteveavAs is the case with most things hobby related, I’m late writing this article for your reading pleasure.  A promise is a promise though, so you’re stuck reading more of my babbling less I incur the wrath of the mighty bloke.  Trust me when I say you don’t want to incur his wrath.  He’s poisonous.  He’s shown me the fangs.

So…always being late or behind on hobby projects has led to me doing something I don’t normally do.  I am making hobby resolutions this year, and I’m actually going to try to stick to them.  I’m sure I’ll struggle.  Heck, I’ll probably fail at least one of them it not multiple of them.  Still, I’m going to try, and I’m going to post them on the blog for all of you to see.  This can’t backfire at all.

 1.  I am going to paint at least one model a month.

This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but I am notoriously bad about painting my models.  I can probably count the number of painted models I own on my fingers, maybe even with only one hand.  I will literally double the number of painted models I own if I stick with this goal.

To help with this, I am going to attempt to hit Paint the Target every month.  This will keep me accountable.  I won’t be able to just slap a little bit of paint on something and say it counts for the month.  I will actually have to produce something that won’t make people go blind by looking at it.

2.  I am going to play at least one miniature game a month.

That’s right.  I don’t paint, and I don’t play.  I’m a downright horrible miniature gamer.  This one has already started to change though.  I have already put together a group for Myth that tries to meet at least monthly.  We’ve picked up a title and are part of the way through our second story quest.  Another group has started a campaign in Shadows of Brimstone (a really fun game if you have a chance to play it).  Ninja All-Stars is coming, and I would definitely like to play it.  Between those three, I should be able to consistently get one game a month.

I might try to extend that to miniature wargames as well.  I haven’t played Warmahordes since a charity event back in November, and other games like Infinity, Relic Knights, and Robotech sit untouched in my hobby cabinet.  That doesn’t even include games like Batman or the upcoming Marvel game that I want to get in on.  Maybe I will try to play at least one game a month and write up a battle report for the blog.  Speaking of the blog…

3.  I am going to post at least one article a month on Lost Hemisphere.

There is still plenty of Myth to write about with even more coming when the Journeyman Kickstarter delivers.  The only explanation for my series of Myth articles being so delayed is my own laziness.  It’s time to change that.  One article a month isn’t that difficult.  Heck, writing about games will be easier than this one is.  At least the ideas will be provided for me then.  This embarrassment of an article is all me!

My focus on Myth will probably continue, but I might look to expand to other games.  Maybe I will write about my group’s Shadows of Brimstone campaign, or maybe I will write about the Imperial Assault campaign I am hoping to get started soon.  Either way, you guys will have more of my posts than this one to ignore!

4.  I am going to rid myself of excess models.

I own A LOT of models.  Sure, I know people that own more, but most of them actually use their models.  I can currently field an army for six factions of Warmahordes.  I probably own multiples of at least several models in each of those factions.  It is time to change that.  I don’t play in tournaments, and I doubt I ever will.  I don’t need to own multiple copies of a model to play whatever list is winning big at conventions.

Then there are the games I don’t even play.  My Black Diamond force for Relic Knights has sat in the hobby cabinet since it got delivered…and I was a Kickstarter backer.  Robotech:  RPG Tactics is still in shrink.  You guessed it.  I backed that one too.  Operation:  Icestorm has gone untouched since I picked it up.  Of the three, only Robotech is probably safe.  There is too much nostalgia there for me to let it go, but even it might get thinned a bit.  There are new games out there I want to play, and I can’t justify picking them up with my cabinet is already stuffed full of a collection I don’t use.

That about sums it up for me.  Hopefully I can stick to at least three of these four resolutions and have myself a great hobby year.  What about you guys?  What are your hobby resolutions?

4 Responses to Ninja Steve: Hobby Year Resolutions

  1. Avatar pRophaniti1978
    pRophaniti1978 says:

    Some worthy goals. I have something similar running for my painting. (Paint more than you buy). I usually manage it, but not by much, so my lead mountain remains stubbornly high.

  2. Avatar lordbubonicus
    lordbubonicus says:

    My main resolution is to actually put pain to model this year! Last year was a new low – I painted absolutely nothing. Nada. Not a single thing. In fact I don’t even think I picked up a brush. But that really has to change now that my pile of unpainted stuff is growing; I mean some of my Cryx have been unpainted for about five years! I was hoping that Smogcon would give me a push, but time doesn’t seem to be on my side there. Nor does the weather, which is being obstinate about letting me prime models.

    Other resolutions involve playing more new boardgames, and trying to get some more RPG time.