Paint The Target 2016

A whole new year stretches before us! Welcome to 2016’s first Lost Hemisphere post, where we’re going to kick it off in the grand tradition of giving someone something shiny! I tell you, ladies and gentlelost, I do love these things. Thank you to everyone who’s participated in the Target series through 2015, and a pre-emptive tip of the hat to everyone who’s going to ride with us this year!

On with the show. For December’s challenge, we wanted to see models that could endure the Winter solstice by being rugged up against the cold, bringing their own fire, or otherwise just… well, immune to the deletrious effects of Old Man Winter. Let’s see what people came up with!

We’re starting off with Fiendils Batman Miniatures Game models, because his explanations as to why they fit the challenge amused me. Balaclavas are clearly to keep Bane and his Venom Soldier’s heads warm, the ninjas are clad head to toe in thermal underwear, flak vests provide a modicum of snuggliness, and Ted’s moustache on the right there? He’s way to manly to feel a chill. As for the shirtless wonder, he’s clearly freaking insane and doesn’t care about a little snowfall.

Varus painted a puppy! The Winter Argus is nice enough to share the warmth of its thick, downy coat with its controlling warlock by means of its animus.

From the chilly northlands, Thadrin sends us Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws, riding into battle on his teddy bear. Don’t you just want to hug it?

Local boy done good, Dave G apparently filled all those drinking horns on his Glacier King with blue curacao. What? They’re teeth? Well then, what’s he going to do when he gets thirsty? I mean, really, some people are so inconsiderate…

Lonelymonk rides a pale horse… Goreshade’s horse needs dental work.

Teddy Ruxton feels the icy chill of despair through the Blighted Ogrun that have invaded his painting table.

And we close out with Ranny128 who presents a pic of Roxxor, a hellish being of magma and fire, in front of a skillet. There’s a really bad pun just waiting to be made here, I’m just  not sure how it’ll pan out.


Alright, gathering around, kids, it’s that time. The fresh wind blows and chills the hairs in my ear. It kinda hurts, but there’s a name resonating through my frosted follicles. This month’s participation prize goes to: LONELYMONK!  Send me that address!


It’s a new year, a time for new beginnings. Something fresh. New horizons. For January I want  you to paint something new. Something you were gifted over the holidays, maybe, or something you gifted yourself. Something new to your silver horde, or perhaps something that’s just new for you. Those models you picked up last August for that game or that you haven’t played yet. A model from a line you’ve never worked with before. Do something new, kickstart the new year.

Send in your pics of new shinies to by Noon EST, January 28th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end. Bonza!