The Road To CaptainCon 2 of 4: Calculating the Midas Touch

Midas, the Chosen OneGuild Ball painting has commenced in preparation for CaptainCon. Thanks to taking Saturday as #PaintDay in the Gdaycave, two of the three starter models are complete, and a start has been made on the third.

I pondered for awhile what colour scheme to apply to my Alchemists, and it occurred that I had an opportunity to pay homage to my gaming history here. Back in my university days we ran a Blood Bowl league for many seasons, complete with match reports and player interviews in a biweekly newsletter distributed to the participants. I played several teams throughout the league, most notably the Bifrost Guardians (Norse), but also the Loftwyr Wyverns (Wood Elf) and Barnyard Banditos (Beastmen).

I have fond memories of each of these teams, but I was staring at the Alchemist models and it occurred that they needed to be red and white, with black shoes. These were the colours of the Nuclear Postmen, a human team from the very first season of Blood Bowl we played, with a single Dark Elf ringer. I love a high contrast bi-colour scheme, and this one seemed to fit the bill, mixed in with light browns for leathers where appropriate and some chemical blues and greens spattered about the place to break things up a little.

Midas, naturally having the Midas Touch, had to have a gold arm. I’ve still yet to play the game, so I have no idea as to his on-field efficacy, but looking at his stat card and comparing it to Shark, captain of the Fishermen (which may or may not be a good comparison, he’s just another captain to arbitrarily look at), it seems that Midas has on par or worse stats across the board. Huh. Well, here’s hoping the Character Traits and Plays are where he starts to shine.

Calculus, Maiden of ScienceAlso finished was the team vice captain, Calculus. Her Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman pants aside, I really like this model. It’s got a  nice degree of sass, the striping on the apron appealed to me, and, well, she ended up as a ginger, so I that’s just a bonus. Granted, that’s arbitrary, but still…

I decided her baton would have some assorted chemicals sloshing around that she could break over the heads of her opponents, allowing for her Poisonous Fumes ability. Get too close, thwack, here’s a cloud of noxious vapours just for you you. Of course,she’s built up an immunity herself.

In terms of her rules, the token set came with a number of Blind tokens for a reason… So she has a 6″ range, 3″ AoE that causes blindness for a turn, and an 8″ range, 3″ AoE that does damage and poisons the target (gee, was my making her a redhead channeling Poison Ivy from Batman’s rogues gallery?). Maybe I should just sub in a Gorman Di Wulfe model 😉

Next up on the table is Mercury, and one of the big guys – either Katalyst or Compound. I have Vitriol and Flask here, but I need two more Dragon Forge bases from the Wasteland II series before I’ll be able to properly showcase them. Of note, this is my first attempt to paint them as grass, rather than sand/dirt. I’m rather pleased with the end results…