SDEFK: One Shot

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Relic Knights, but my faction of choice is Black Diamond (which I dutifully paint red and green, rather than black, or even purple, the colour of their factional esper). As such, when it was announced that the relic knights themselves would be making their way into Super Dungeon Explore, I just knew I had to get my hands on One Shot. Sure, sure, you anime fans can go and enjoy your One Punch Man, but here’s a little lady who can take opponents out from the far end of the battlefield.

One Shot by Drew D

One Shot is a human hero for Super Dungeon Explore, so starts out with standard movement of 6 and three actions. Predictably, her statline is pretty normal until we get to her Dexterity.

STR of 2B is, well, a testament to how much she prefers to use her blunderbuss.

ARM of 3B is actually not bad at all for a starting hero. You’ll want to reinforce it, of course, but it’s better than the Wandering Minstrel’s from our last chat about SDE.

WILL of 2B means you’re likely not going to be relying on One Shot for your initiative rolls.

DEX of 2R. Two red dice. Now we’re talking. Her DEX stat also puts the base range for her attacks at 8 squares. That Kobold Shaman won’t know what hit  him…

5 hearts, 1 potion, and Green crystal affinity round out One Shot’s base stat portion. Now, on to the fun stuff…

Naturally, One Shot’s all about dat Boomstick. Her first power costs her 2 actions, and of course they’re red buttons so it’s an attack. Daystar is a Lance 8 with Push 3. So… Every square in a straight line, every target along that line is lit up by those two red dice she gets from her Dex (assuming you haven’t boosted it further). Each takes damage, and anything left standing is pushed back three squares – how much fun will that be on maps with chasms? One way or another, they’re further out of melee range, which will of course make the Rock Top Gang cry.

Her second ability is another 2 action red button attack, making her one of the few without a 1 action special ability. Focused Shot  keeps that 8 range, but while Daystar is useful for clearing multiple opponents, Focused Shot is set up to deal with those pesky targets by adding three more blue dice to your attack roll. Now you’re rolling 2 Red 3 Blue for a single shot, before you’ve even added in any bonuses from loot or treasure. One Shot may not be perfectly suited to cracking models with multiple wounds  since she loses two potential shots to do either of her special attacks, but she can clear a strip of mobs, and she’s got a good shot at cracking armour right out of the game.

One Shot by Gdaybloke

Of course, you can always just rely on three simple shots and those two natural red dice to get job done if needed 😉

We round out our little sniper (as amusing as it is applying that term to someone with a blunderbuss) with her potion, named after her Cypher model from Relic Knights. Fritz is… well, it says it’s a friendly buff, but let’s face it, it’s a chance to make that gun of hers even more potent.

Fritz adds a blue dice to your Dex, and grants you Knockdown. This is a little deeper than it first appears. +1B to the Dex of anyone who drinks this potion is a boon for absolutely anyone with a ranged attack, but that Knockdown isn’t ranged specific. It’ll trigger on any attack, from the Ember Wizard’s fireballs to the Hearthsworn Fighter’s axe swings.

Not only that but consider it with the Daystar ability – Lance 8, Push 3, Knockdown, and that much  more accurate since you’re rolling 2R1B with the attack. Alternatively, it’s a means of adding another B to your Focused Shot if you really want to make sure you connect with the target.

One Shot may not have any special rules like Tough or whatnot on her base stateline, and she may actually be one of the more one dimensional characters in the Super Dungeon Explore hero stable, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love her little feather-capped madness. When it comes to dealing heroic shootiness, One Shot’s right up there as one of my favourite heroes in the game.

Actually, I’m looking at having a game night later this week…. hrm… BLAM BLAM BLAM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA