SDEFK: Mistmourn Shaman

Mistmourn Shaman
Mistmourn Shaman by Gdaybloke

The Mistmourn coast… Home of misty things, mournful stuff, and .. trolls. The Mistmourn Coast warband is one of my favourite expansions for Super Dungeon Explore, bringing with it the Trollfolk. The hulking, brutish trolls huddled around their tribal stone at once evoke images in my head of the trolls from The Hobbit, and something so much richer, of a culture long gone, their Spirit Walkers and Ghostfire Warriors steeped in tradition and alien mysticism that the other races have forgotten, or moved on from. They maintain a touch with the spirit world that the elves, the dwarves, the humans have lost. They seem brutal and savage, and at the same time tragic and noble.

It’s from these people that we find the runt of the litter, the Mistmourn Shaman. Barely reaching halfway up his tribemates, the Shamans are abandoned in their infancy to the fae. Many perish, but some survive and learn ways that make even the Mistmourn Chieftains nervous.

As an added bonus, the Shaman has one of the most entertaining models in the range 😉

Being so much smaller than his brethren, the Mistmourn Shaman moves about with a human-like SPD 6, and the standard 3 actions.

1R1B STR is decent, as he whack foes with his dollies.

2R ARM is… remarkably solid. Don’t let his size fool you, he’s sturdy.

3B WILL is important since his primary attack is a range 6 magic zot. You’ll be wanting to add some dice to this pool pronto.

2B DEX won’t come into play too often, our little shaman doesn’t have a native ranged attack.

5 hearts, okay, but 2 potions. Blue and Red crystal affinity improves the chance that he’ll be able to maximize some treasure, and he tosses Tough onto the ability pile as well. This means that during upkeep, he’ll heal a single wound token every turn. 2R ARM and an inbuilt autoheal? He’ll be sticking around.

Mistmourn Shaman
Mistmourn Shaman by Raven M

His one special attack is Outcast Pyre. Taking two of his actions, it’s a range 8 burst 1 explosion, and anything tagged that isn’t immolated is set on fire. The 2 action cost is a little prohibitive, but the option to potentially set nine mobs on fire is significant. It is reliant on that 3B Will to hit, so choose soft targets for the center of the blast, or as mentioned, get some extra dice into that pool.

Board Control is where the Shaman’s going to come into play. For one action point, the Shaman can use Ancestral Will. Tapping into something darn primeval, the Shaman has a non-offensive Range 6 Push 2. In theory you could move an opposing model 6 squares. Depending on the map, that could include into lava or off a ledge…

For two actions – yes, his abilities are action intensive – Spirit Burn is a range 6 friendly buff that makes all of your friend’s attacks cause fire, and perhaps more significantly for your frontline heroes with good armour, cause Backlash. For every point their armour roll beats the attacker’s roll, the attacker will take a point of damage. Your tanks could be clearing mobs on both your turns AND the consul’s.

Finally, there’s the reason he has two potions. Troll Heart presumably doesn’t actually have any liquefied troll hearts in it, but I wouldn’t put it past the little dude. It does need two potions to trigger, which is going to make it difficult to spam the ability, which is nice and simple and potentially life-saving. Anyone who chugs the potion gets Regenerate. For every wound you have, roll a blue dice. For every success rolled, heal up one wound.

If the party can keep those potions coming, the Mistmourn Shaman may be one of the best support pieces in the game. His ability to punish minion attacks via backlash, heal his friends, and shove mobs out of position before unleashing a fireball on them makes him a surprisingly versatile little fellow. He’s not as squishy as most support heroes, and his bag of tricks mean he can fund some synergy with most combinations of dungeon-delvers.

The Mistmourn Shaman comes with the Mistmourn Coast warband, complete with the Salt Pillar and Tribal Stone spawn points and their attendant mobs. These are available for order through your FLGS, or direct from Soda Pop’s online store