Setsuk0: Reanimation Nation

setsuk0avatarAfter about 2 years of letting my boxes collect dust, and the procrastination of “eh, I will play someday”, I took the leap and built some Necron models. 40k hasn’t always been a game I was eager to learn, or play, so I never felt too motivated to build them.

However, recently my FLGS started a 40k league that had quite a few new players and I figured what a better time to start than now. We did a map league, which I was already familiar with as I had played in a few for Warmachine.   I assembled some warriors, immortals, a Night/Doom Scythe, some lords, and a cryptic. Not much, but it’s a start. I was able to play about 800 points comfortably.  Normally, I know that is not the ideal level to play at.  I was nice that there were about 4 other new players that had roughly the same about of points put together.

The hardest part of learning 40k for me was just how different it was from any other game mechanic I’ve ever played.  Although my Necrons are pretty uniform, I now had weapon options. How I built my models changed how they play on the table. The rules, the scenario, the terrain were just completely different.  I brought me back to when I first starting learning Warmachine. I take for granted just being to play, and not question everything, and everyone. With a quick reference guide by myside, an experienced player, and my faction book I was sort of ready to play.

So far, I have really enjoyed playing. I like love that I can build my army up, give them upgrades, play multiple formations. I even enjoy rolling a boatload of dice. Although, I usually have to roll 2-3 times for the same attack because my hands are so small. Also, can I just say, reanimation is AMAZING!.

 photo 20160111_201927.jpg

Anywho, that being said, my next model under the brush is my Necron Lord. He is currently based, and primed and I have decided on my paint theme.  I am not forgetting about my Legion, just taking a break so I can paint my Necron Lord for a painting contest at The Armoury.  He looks like he will be a lot of fun to paint,so I am excited!

Wish me luck on my 40k detour! ROLL ALL THE FIVES AND SIXES!!

 photo 20160111_200006.jpg