The Road To CaptainCon 3 of 4: Mercurial

Flask_finalJanuary is almost over, and we’re that much closer to CaptainCon and all the glorious gamery it’s bringing too Rhode Island this chilly February. Accordingly, efforts continue with my CaptainCon project, painting up a complete Guild Ball team, so that those dashing lads from Steamforged can teach me all the things. It’s entirely likely Devilsquid will also try to teach me some of the things, but he’s a cephalopod, so not to be trusted, no matter how much we’re looking forward to the sequel to the Octodad game on the Playstation network.

This week’s models for your viewing pleasure are the helpful automaton Flask, and ladies man and general all-round swarthy bugger Mercury.

Flask was apparently a “gift” from the Engineer’s Guild to the Alchemists, in a manner akin to marrying a 12th Century Princess to a stranger to secure trade relations with a Balkan state. “We want you to honour the long-standing trade agreement, here’s a little wood-and-brass robot.”

Flask exemplifies the synergistic nature of the Alchemists with the Intensify play, ramping up the effects of an enemy model suffering a condition that’s presumably been put on them by another teammate. His primary role seems, on paper, to be scooting around, bleeping like R2-D2 on the Jabba’s sail barge, saying “Excuse me, are you on fire? Here’s an upgrade to 3rd degree burns. Oh, mildly poisoned? Let me kick it up a notch to full toxicity.”

As an added bonus, be’s beaten up, he explodes. Be wary when attacking a small ‘bot carrying a tray of volatile chemicals.

Mercury_finalPaired with Flask this week we have Mercury, the Flare of Passion. Hedonistic pyromaniac, Mercury is one of those people who just wants to watch the world burn… as long as there’s some cute fangirls around to witness his causing it.

Mercury brings some offensive ranged attacks to the team with fire flung all over the pitch thanks to his specially treated gloves. If you thought that wasn’t hot enough, he also sets enemy models on fire if they get to close to him. Fwoosh!

He’s also nicely paired with Flask on the tabletop, gaining [+1/+1 INF] while Flask is within 4″. The ability is called Tactical Advice, which can only leave me thinking that Mercury is taking suggestions from the little robot. I’d question the validity of target recommendations from a servobot, but it seems to work for the two of them!

Painting Mercury caused me a little pondering; with red being such a dominant colour in the team uniform, I was wary of a massive stream of orange flame. Given my usual preference for clean block colours, the stream of flame also gave me another hurdle in my mind just because it was flame… but in the end I remembered that we’re talking alchemically induced flame here, so there’s no reason it has to follow the traditional colouration. Blue flame it is!

Painting continues… Good progress has been made on Katalyst, a start has been made on Compound, and Vitriol is assembled, primed, and on her base… Less than two weeks to go!