CaptainCon16 PostMortem: The Swag

CaptainCon is over, and I’m still recovering, but I’m working on sorting out photodumps and the like for you – honest, I am. I could have let this morning fly without an update, but I wanted to give you a little something, so I thought I’d share with you some of the nifty that I came home with, since it’ll be a lot faster to share with you than the huge photodump that is the Fundraiser Prize post 😉

This isn’t *everything* that came home with me – the Broken Egg Guild Ball tray was in a different bag, for example, but…


  • A whole bunch of Krosmaster Arena figires
  • Venin, the last model I needed for my Guild Ball team
  • Squirrel Or Die, a quick little game that I’ll detail in a future post
  • Ten Candles, a collaborative storytelling RPG that I’ll have to play before I can tell you much about…
  • A set of Broken Egg tokens for Netrunner, because I like that game
  • A pile of Olive Garden chocolates
  • Games & Gear’s D6G brush set and the Wakizashi brush
  • An enormous Snickers bar for novelty value, because seriously, America, what the smeg?
  • And I saved one each of the new Lost Hemisphere Dragon Forge resin bases for myself…


These new bases from Dragon Forge Design are beautiful. On the left a cracked and broken logo that will fit nicely with an army based on the Forgotten Empire series, on the right a more modern and civilized paved brick surface with, essentially, a manhole cover. Imagine using it as a display base with a model clambering out from the sewer below!

We’ll have more post mortem for you as the week progresses, but for now this bloke is tired… Huge thanks to everyone who made this weekend special! (Especially you, Doug Mafia…)

3 Responses to CaptainCon16 PostMortem: The Swag

  1. What are all the chibi figures in the back?

  2. If you have any questions about Ten Candles just let me know, I’d be happy to assist! You can hit me up at @shiftyginger. Thanks!