Dhunian Knot

It never ceases to amaze me just how much you can cram into a single blister pack. Once, I even managed to fit an entire 10-man unit of Houseguard Rifleman – with the UA – into a single standard blister. Granted, the models were very… cozy… but still, it’s neat to pick up a blister and enjoy the enjoy a significant amount of material staring through the plastic at you. I’m pretty sure that’s part of the reason Trollbloods players choose their faction, and it’s reinforced this month with the Dhunian Knot, three Trollblood shamans who’ve attended the same fashion classes as Calandra. Let the sooth be said!



While there’s certainly a lot *in* the blister, the component count is actually very low. From the three Knot members (Knotty Trolls?), we have one that’s a single component, and two that have seperate forelimbs.


The unit leader sits, respite earned from years of hard soothsaying. She’s so damn good at it, she can do it with her eyes closed… or at least, covered with runestones.


Her two compatriots both have separate hands/arms, as mentioned. The first’s metal arms reach beyond the elbow, while the second’s is forearms only. The connections on these pieces are generous and, as seen below, shaped slightly to help with alignment.


The detail on these pieces is wonderful, from dangling belt pouches to webs of runestones. Flowing robes and hoods grant plenty of opportunities for quitari designs.


Lostie TheGreatGaspy applied brush to model for the Dhunian Knot, and may or may not have been influenced by Lostie Valrus’ feral warpwolf collection to make them all Red Riding Hood. I only remember one Red Riding Hood in the legend, but then, no-one’s ever accused Gaspy of being well versed in European folklore.

The Dhunian Knot are February releases from Privateer Press and await the chance to chant all sorts of Dhunian things to the benefit of your kriels.