Night Witch, the Advocate, the Shrike & the Mat

January gave us a number of shiny things. Some, like the Blightbringer, were boxes full of parts that were equal parts ominous and amazing, while others were very simple , with only a few components. Given that we’re in the last stretch to CaptainCon and I like to have things to give away to random people that amuse me, today’s post is a conglomerate of unpackagings for your viewing pleasure. These models will be making the trip with me to Rhode Island, and some lucky CaptainCon attendees will find the blisters mysteriously coming into their possession, as I hand them over. Mysteriously. For reason unknown. I AM AN ENIGMA!


The Bloodweaver Night Witch makes  your Tharn armies a little more deadly and spiky. Be wary when putting your hand down on the tabletop, lest ye be impaled.


All three components go together as you would expect, with sufficient contact that pinning shouldn’t be needed. The pose makes me think of She-Ra. Does she, in fact, have the power?


Next up, who wants a pretentious hat? Rivaling the greatest of Menoth’s Scrutators, the Extoller Advocate has a fair bit of sway at the Millinery, after buying this head swag.


Four components. Personally, I really like this sculpt. The Skornate filigree is present without being overpowering, and that’s a pretty awesome staff. If I ever end up playing a Skorne campaign for the IKRPG, this may happen…


With five pieces, the Shrike wins this round. It’s also my favourite of the bonechickens, visually. I love the aesthetic of the evil little robot bird swooping through and leaving a trail of lacerated victims in its wake. Wait… I’m not saying I want that to actually happen, I just think it looks evilly cool… Don’t judge me!


Two recesses behind the carapace shielding receive the wings. A little careful bending and you could pretty much have these in any position you see fit.


And the legs look like little landing struts! Too adorbs!


Finally, the new P3 Cutting Mat! It’s only a one-piece thing, so I’m going to post more pics of it than any of the models shown above. I won’t be bound by societal norms! More pieces does not necessarily mean more pics! Seriously though, I really like this thing.


The Warmachine side has measurements in centimeters, and three spots for you to put your bases to mark your arcs. Note that PP’s bases actually fit *just* inside the circles, so you can see them around the rim of the base, making it perfect for lining up your arcs.


The Hordes side, complete with Hordes logo and pretty green lines, is marked in inches, with a 1/2″ grid. Same arc marking circles, so there’s no need to flip back and forth.


The mat has a little flex, but is still sturdy with a core of … whitestuffanium. This truly is the Oreo of cutting mats. In all seriousness, I love this thing. It’s become my new painting and modelling surface.

All of these lovely things were January releases from Privateer Press, and should be found at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.