One last CaptainCon charity teaser

Butcher_06We’re on the road to CaptainCon tomorrow. Here’s hoping for clear roads and not too many pit stops, there’s nerdery to engage in!

I did want to give you one last teaser for this year’s Charity fundraiser, in conjunction with the New England Privateers. As a reminder, we’re raising this year for Rosie’s Place, the first women’s shelter in the US, helping literally thousands of women every year who are in need due to poverty, domestic situations, and all sorts of unpleasantry. The women in our lives aren’t just our mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters and girlfriends – they’re human beings, and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Supporting the fundraiser helps us support those directly helping these women in their hour of need.

We look forward to this event every year, a chance to give something back to the greater community that we live in, a chance to make someone else’s life that little bit better, that little less horrid. We appreciate your helping us to do this.

… and today we showcase prize table goodies from the two David’s. One lucky person is going to walk away with a prize donated by David “Not That One” Cameron, who isn’t sure if he lives in the the UK or New Zealand, but sent us a box. Another lucky winner, a theme force donated by David “CaptainSpud” Tierney. Read on!


What’s in the booooooooox????


I honesty had no idea what he was sending, but apparently… poetry? Let’s read….


What fresh yuletide hell is this???


Under the oversheet… The Limited Edition Jingle Butcher pin? HERMAGHERD! (*controls pin collecting urges*)


The next layer revealed piles of skulls and a Butcher2 card, along with a small pile of other cards so you could play your…




It’s Epic Butcher and his Eight Tiny Juggernauts, bringing slaughter and mayhem for Giving Day!


Feel the icy chill of despair. He is your doom.


Feel the mild nibble of a chilly breeze, they’re potentially a mild threat to  your ankles!

To suggest that I was both amused and thrilled to have this donation for the prize table is an understatement. Huge thanks to David!


From CaptainSpud, a book… wait… that’s not a book…


It’s the Child Army!!! Some folks may remember Spud’s Trial By Fire theme force from a couple of Templecon’s ago. As you can tell from the laminated damage sheet, each model is marked with a coloured dot to indicate individual damage tracks.


Siege and his Squire bring the only Heavy in the list, an Avenger.


You can directly pair the matching-coloured Junior’s with their Chargers.

Of special note, Allison Jakes wasn’t available when the army was assembled, so Bloody Bradigan put on a wig and acted as Jakes for the sake of the army. That’s patriotism!


No two Junior Warcasters are the same. Spud modelled to two original sculpts with scarves, and then each other Junior is custom made from another model, such as the Ranger Junior here.


A Sword Knight and a Stormblade also upgrade to Junior Warcaster…


Let it not be said that Spud isn’t open to other species joining the ranks.


Finally, Watt was a snob and decided he wanted to run around with no friends in his photo.

A huge thanks to David for this donation!

See you in Rhode Island, Losties 😉