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Hey, it’s February! Whose idea was that? The chilly days of January are behind us, the chilly days of February are laden with the promise of frozen toes and sniffly noses. Or maybe that’s just in Canada. You folks in more temperate climates, I envy you slightly…

Our January challenge was to paint something new. Christmas presents, Boxing Day shopping loot, stuff that’s sitting right on top of the pile of unpainted stuff we all have laying around. I will say, this is possibly the most diverse Target we’ve had to date, with the exception that it seems the Brewers are a popular Guild Ball team with the Losties…



From VoltRon, Izamu the Armour and two Komainu, from Malifaux. You could be forgiven for thinking Izamu was a Skorne model, but the Komainu are robot dogs with gunmouths. That’s a thing.


Local boy AndrewRox96 breaks out his 40K zappiness with a pair of tanks. These kits didn’t even exist when I was playing with 40K. Now I feel old. Thanks for nothing, Andrew. 😛


AnthonyR breaks the seal on Guild Ball for the month, with four Guild Ball models. Neat effect with the glass stein, even if he *is* spilling  his beer, for which he should no doubt be fed to the cat.


Dr Q’s Jack Scarecrow is ready to rattle the cornfields in your next Super Dungeon Explore game.


Valrus’ Brennos is all riled up. Something got his goat.


From KevBryant, schmexiest hat in the UK, has painted up the early-release Esters, also for the Brewers Guild Ball team. Seriously, what’s with that hat??


Lostie Lonelymonk’s getting in on the action too, with the Masons starter box. Good thing the Guild Ball guys are going to be at CaptainCon to explain what these things are all about!


Ninja Steve got his bearka on, with Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws. At least in this version he’s not dangling his explosive bolas from his codpiece!


NotThatOne’s Butcher and his piles of souvenirs will be showing up at CaptainCon later this week… just wait til you see the rest of the models…


This is something a little unusual, and kinda special. Many of us grew up in the time before tabletop gaming was really a thing, and model kits were our creative expression. I was never any good at it myself, but I assembled many tanks, planes, and car kits in my feckless  youth. You know, before I developed any feck. This Spitfire was modeled by Target regular Prophaniti1978, and despite his having been painting and modeling for over two decades, this was the first time he’s passed the British right of passage of completing an Airfix Spitfire kit. Now he can hold his head high, and know that he is truly a Pom.


Ranny128 brings us back to the tabletop with the entire Alchemists team for Guild Ball, including Season 2 models Compound and Venin. I don’t have Venin yet. Kinda jelly.


I may be a little biased, but I love it then Treville2001 sends in a model. I knew this guy back in the old country. His Messenger Of Humanity is actually the first Kingdom Death model to appear in the target series as well, so double bonus good times!


Lastly, Tyrant Mithras of RAWRMACHINE! sent me a wide pic that I had to crop the sides off if I wanted you to be able to see any of the detail on h is beautifully painted Croak Hunters.


Alright, gathering around, kids, it’s that time. The fresh wind blows and chills the hairs in my ear. It kinda hurts, but there’s a name resonating through my frosted follicles. This month’s participation prize goes to: TREVILLE2001! Great, I have to mail a care package to Australia… 😉  Send me that address!


Ah, February… when hearts turn to… um… well, it’s not Spring, but nonetheless, Valentines Day is slap bang in the middle of the month. Your goal for February is to mark the day in one of three ways.

  1. Paint two models that go together as a nice couple. Models that are paired in their rules, in their fluff, or in that fiction you’ve been writing that you’re too embarassed to show anyone. Shipping a Swamp Troll and Kovnik Joe? Do it up.
  2. Paint something pink. There’s no challenge in painting something just red, it’s the standard colour for too many schemes 😉
  3. Paint something else in some way Valentines themed. I’m looking at my Celestial Herald for SDE and thinking it might make a good Cupid…

Send in your pics of new shinies to by Noon EST, February 27th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end. Bonza!

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