SDEFK: Hexcast Sorceress

Today we dig right back to the very origins of Super Dungeon Explore, and look at one of the very first heroes available in the game. The Hexcast Sorceress has been a mainstay of the chibi boardgame we all know and love since the very outset, with her flared robes and frankly insane amount of hair flowing as she went all zappity on kobolds and ogres and, of course, Starfire the dragon, who’s completely unrelated to the Teen Titan. Man, that’d be a shoddy bit of costuming to work out…

Hexcast Sorceress by Lostie Drew

The Hexcast Sorceress (or Sorcerer, once the alternate gender models are released with Super Dungeon Explore: Legends) is a human hero, with a basic 6 Movement and 3 Actions which which to unleash all kinds of heck.

2B Strength tells us that if she’s attacking something in melee, she’s doing it wrong. This is clearly not her strong suit.

3B Armour isn’t embarrassing, but it’s not rock solid either. Ideally we won’t be putting her in a position where we need to rely upon it, at least not until we’ve got some loot or treasure buffing the roll.

1R2B Will, along with a Range 8 magic attack. Well, yes, now we’re where we’re supposed to be. She’s a Sorceress, clearly she’s going to be all about the zappity, and Range 8 is pretty bloody solid.

1R1B Dexterity can be a good start for using a ranged attack should you find the right loot, but she doesn’t start with one natively.

A red crystal affinity brings us near the end of the base stats. The Hexcast Sorceress has no keyword abilities, and works with a standard human 5 Health and can carry one potion. Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks.

The Sorceress has been dealing out debuffs since the very first edition of Super Dungeon Explore, and nothing’s changed. She’s still tossing them out with every one of her three – yes, three – red button special attacks.

  • Frozen Feet is first on the list. Like all of her special attacks it’s a Range 8 zap that does a single point of damage, but Frozen Feet also inflicts the Iceeffect, meaning the target can’t use any Special Actions… like, say, a Necromancer’s raising of the dead…
  • HexcastEmily2
    Hexcast Sorceress by Lostie Emily

    Hobbled Hands may be the best friend your party ever had once the minibosses start spawning, inflicting Hex on the target. At that point they’re dropping the highest success dice on every dang offensive roll they make (or, in Arcade mode, flat-out losing a star of STR).

  • Broken Bones rounds out the suite, inflicting Bane from 8 squares away and forcing your foes to drop their highest armour roll (or, again in Arcade mode, simply stripping them of an ARM point)

So we have what’s nominally a support character who can strip opposing models of their support actions and debuff both their attack *and* their armour, and since each only costs a single red action, she can do all three in the same turn to the same target assuming they’re still standing after she’s finished letting loose her magical torrent.

Finally, there’s her potion. Wizard Wings is a friendly buff potion, granting +1B Will and Fly.  Given the strength of her special attacks this is a seemingly lacklustre potion effect, but being able to grant +1B Will could make a difference when defending against being turned into a toad, pushing up an initiative roll, or provide a little extra assurance that your Broken Bones is going to connect with the Dungeon Boss and enable the rest of the team to wade into action. Consider also the impact of Fly, it’s a little more map dependent, but being able to zoom over the pumpkin patches, soar over chasms or just shimmy a little higher over lava could be a real boon.

The Hexcast Sorceress comes with the core Super Dungeon Explore set, and down the line we’ll have both a resculpt and a male version once Legends starts rolling out. I’m somewhat excited…